Innovative Laser Skin Tightening Treatment Naturally Tightens The Skin To Give A Newer Look

Sydney, New South Wales Australia (PressExposure) January 28, 2011 -- Ayurve Skin Care Clinic, a hidden oasis of a day spa and skin clinic, is proud to announce the launch of their new treatment, Laser Skin Tightening. Oftentimes skin tightening requires surgery and other painful operations that are expensive and leave lasting scars and tissue damage. Once the tissue is damaged there is no repairing it. What makes this treatment unique is that it uses natural methods, Radio Frequency (RF), allowing the skin to flourish. It is safe for the exterior and the interior of the body that requires the use of electromagnetic energy to the skin. It focuses on the lower levels of the skin, leaving the exterior layers alone, causing the skin to tighten. As the heat affects the collagen fibers in the lower layers of the skin it causes the skin to lose the fiber structures and shrink.

Collagen is the important component that forms your skin's elasticity and firmness. Once the collagen is affected by the heat, the wrinkles and sagging parts of the skin are brought back together to their original contours. In the midst of this process, the skin, both lower layers and upper layers, are never damaged.
Costs of this innovative treatment are only a fraction of the cost for major surgeries that have dangerous side effects and not proven to work over a long period of time

Skin tightening can happen on several parts of the body. Skin loses its elasticity due to several reasons like aging, losing weight, having children, and sun exposure. Those who take advantage of RF Tightening can look years younger instantly. Whether it's one part of the body or several parts of the body, the results will are long lasting. No matter what environment one finds themselves in the skin will be affected over time. By staying ahead of the problem users will be assured of a younger look, another anti-aging process that is all natural.
At Ayurve Skin Care Clinic, skin tightening can work in addition to Ultrasound Treatment to fully maximize the results of the areas affected. Ultrasound Treatment is the natural fat reduction process that utilizes ultrasound technology that removes fat deposits. The combination of Ultrasound Treatment and Laser Skin Tightening makes the skin and its surrounding area look exceptionally younger and more vibrant. Body Skin Tightening by itself leaves wonderful results. This treatment along with all others offered by Ayurve Skin Care Clinic is deemed safe by medical professionals.

This treatment does not require users to go under anesthesia and can be done where users can see what is being done. No time will be required to take off work or during normal routines to accommodate the after effects of the treatment. Oftentimes dangerous side affects are the norm when treatments are rendered; however, because the skin will undergo little heating, the after affects are non-existent

Ayurve Skin Care Clinic offers several different treatment options for Skin Tightening. Users can purchase packages that focus on the full face, buttocks, upper arms, chin and thighs. Pricing and other estimated costs can be found at Whichever package users decide to choose, excellent results will occur.

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Ayurve Skin Care Clinic is an innovative center for advanced skin treatment. Since 2001 Ayurve Skin Care Clinic has provided the residents of Syndey a longer lasting comfortable experience with their treatments. Always on the cutting edge of skin technology Ayurve Skin Care Clinic offers a variety of services that are geared toward men and women including and not limited to Cosmoceutical Facials, Anti Wrinkle Injections, Lip Enhancements, Ultrasound Treatment, and Laser Skin Tightening. For a free consultation on your first visit or for answers to your questions, go to

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