Za Plumper Lips Lipstick in Pink Pearl Is Cotton Candy Juiciness!

Hi everyone,

Lately, I've been finding myself reaching out for Za Plumper Lips in Pink Pearl a lot. My friend Dreezy in Singapore sent it to me but I did not get a chance to use it as much. Now that I have a nice tan, baby pink and cotton candy pink lipsticks begin to look really good on my skin.

One funny back story: back in the days, I could not wear light-colored pink lipsticks at all since my skin was too pale. I looked like an alien. MAC Pure Rose lipstick (from the Ungaro collection) went to the stash and I didn't even buy Viva Glam Gaga I, although I really wanted it. Both of them, albeit being pink and lovely, were just too pale for me.

But heading to April, 2011, things changed. I got a tan whether I like it or not, and these pale pink lipsticks look really good on moi. When I picked up Pink Pearl from Za again, it was as if everything fell into the right places. It is no longer a tacky pale pink lipstick. It is the pale pink lipstick I love to wear.

Za Plumper Lips lipstick
Love the pink case!
Wanna know how it looks like? Jump!

Shade number 6 is Pink Pearl
And this is how it looks in the tube
On my lips, in the shade
With more sun exposure
Beautiful, isn't it?
Nope, I didn't even use any lip glosses on top. That's how the lipstick looks. It glides like buttah! On top of that, it doesn't smell like anything at all. Just pure moisturizing juiciness. With one layer, you will have just a hint of color. But as you layered it up, Pink Pearl is more opaque.

Color-wise, I think this is the love child of MAC Viva Glam Gaga I and Pink 4 Friday (y'know, the bubblegum pink lipstick Nicki Minaj collaborated with MAC?) Unlike these two MAC lipsticks, Pink Pearl is actually more wearable. Also, it does not look tacky on my skin.

If your skin is around NC30, this lipstick is for you. It actually makes your tan look good. Please get it if you can. I did some search and it costs around $13 SGD (~$10 USD.) The quality, I believe, is better than MAC lustre lipsticks.

Lately, I've found myself in a pink lipstick mood. Everything I use is pale pink and lovely. I even dug up my MAC Pure Rose and Quiet Please! lipsticks and use them. Needless to say, they all look good.

Disclaimer: I got this lipstick as a gift. The opinions are mine and reflected my own experience.

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