Clearing misconceptions about skin care products all

      So we blindly picked up scores of skin care products advertised by our favorite stars on TV. We go with what they have been drilling into our heads all the time as "correct" but not surprising that most of what is believed to be about what is good or what is bad for your skin is. But is misleading. What we may think will help our skin can actually destroy it. So the misconception that particular improved a few hours as we do before it's too late.

Misconceptions: collagen, a natural products manufacturer that our skin can be improved with collagen from additional external sources to eliminate wrinkles. What harm can a bit more natural products such as collagen feasible.

Fact: Although collagen from natural products, as can be added to creams and lotions are causing serious damage to the skin which, if diagnosed too late, can not be edited. Remember to try to change something in your body will naturally affect the proportion spent on the phone one way or another.

Misconceptions: Sunscreens protect skin against UV radiation.

Fact: Not really no sunscreen protects skin from solar radiation such as UV sunscreen ads on TV programs in a way that ensures us that our skin will be protected from the sun and will stay young longer. No claims are actually somewhat larger.

Misunderstanding: The cosmetic surgery can change your mind like an angel.

Fact: In fact, cosmetic surgery, see the faces of people cold, and worse, and even when distorted. You try to get a new nose and better ensure that you only end up with a new nose, rather than improve it worse.

Why so much pain to look beautiful when it is useless and you end up more frustrated and dejected than before. Just buy yourself a copy of the best secrets of skin care and all natural and simple way to keep yourself looking for a beautiful flawless skin all over.

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