L'Oréal Sublime Mousse by Healthy Look in 30 Pure Darkest Brown

Sublime Mousse by healthy Look is a permanent conditioning hair color that provides beautiful, natural-looking color without the drips. The luscious mousse is as easy to apply as shampoo - no more parting or separating. Lively, shiny color with perfect gray coverage, it's hair color to fall in love with!

You must all have heard of mousse hair dyess, as they seem to be all the rage by now. I must admit I was curious, but I probably wouldn't have bought one of those hair colors myself. When I got a coupon to try a L'Oréal Sublime Mousse for free from L'Oréal Facebook fan page, I thought, why not?

I picked up the darkest brown available, 30 Pure Darkest Brown.

 The instructions on the side of the box

The box contains:

  • Liquid-to-Mousse Colorant
  • Liquid-to-Mousse Developer
  • Healthy Shine Conditioner
  • Foaming Pump
  • Colourist Gloves

The first thing that disappointed me is the bottle (even though I was warned, thanks to Mélanie). I'm used to an applicator which allows you to part and separate your hair, ensuring that you cover every hinch of your head. However, all you get here is a pump, and you have to dispense the mousse into the palm of your hand and then spread it on your hair, just like a shampoo.

I have read many reviews on this hair dye and most of the complaints seem to be about the mousse itself. I personally have nothing to say against it, as it has a nice consistency, it doesn't drip everywhere, it doesn't stain (if you happen to get some on your forehead, it's very easy to remove) and it's quick, easy and non-messy to wash. I think it's important to rotate the bottle instead of shaking it, as told in the instructions. Maybe this is why the mousse was liquid for other some of you.

At some point, I wasn't sure if I was doing it right because they say to massage hair in a circular motion until it's completely saturated in mousse, but I never got a luxurious mousse in my hair. Can you see even a hint of mousse in the picture above? I can't.

Also, my roots didn't seem to change color immediately, and this made me worry, especially because I picked the darkest brown available. However, when I washed the dye, my roots were covered, but still not as dark as I was expecting.

Overall, I think mousse hair color might be great for beginner, but I don't think I like it enough to repurchase it. I'll stick to the original applicator bottle for now.

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