Treat Inflammation Of Joints Called Arthritis With These Home Remedies.

Arthritis can be commonly known as joint inflammation. Arthritis may be caused due to many reasons such as genetics,age,weight,previous injury,occupational  hazards,illness,infection,improper dietary habits,improper postural habits or even some high level sports. The symptoms may vary as per individuals but some most common symptoms of arthritis include fever,weight loss,inadequate sleep,muscle aches,loss of flexibility,pain on leg joints,bone joint pains and many other.

Home Remedies For Treating Arthritis:

The affected area should be massaged with warm coconut oil daily befor going to bed.

Wrap red flannel on the affected joint to get relief.

Pieces of potato along with its peel should be soaked in water overnight. Drink this water daily as it cures arthritis.

Massage with warm olive oil also treats arthritis.

Another good home remedy is to use hot vinegar massage daily.

Arthritis is inflammation of joints and garlic contains an anti-inflammatory property. Consumption of garlic also treats arthritis.

Steam baths are also considered to be effective.

Intake of calcium, zinc and vitamin c is also recommended.

While bathing epsom salt should be added to water to reduce stiffness.

Boswellia is also a known herb to treat arthritis.

Green gram soup is also found helpful in relieving pains in the joints

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