The official launch of Toshiba Summer Art 2011 Collection

Last month I went to Toshiba Summer Art 2011 Collection launching at the new Double Tree Hotel, where Toshiba Singapore Computer Systems Division (CSD), a division of Toshiba Singapore Pte Ltd launched 3 latest model of notebooks for this season. The notebooks are Portege R830 , Satellite L700 and Satellite E300.

The MC of the day

Presenter from Toshiba

Explaining the functions of the new notebooks!

Notebooks / Laptops are available at the launching for the media to test.

Toshiba Satellite E300

A lightweight laptop at a mere 2.24kg, comes in Champagne color, featured all-new exclusive design hallmarked by a lightweight Aluminum cover and sturdy case with an LED backlist raised tile keyboard and all new touch pad design with seamless right and left mouse button.

This is definitely a laptop suitable for traveler and people with fast-paced lifestyle that need a laptop that is lightweight come properly equipped for maximum performance.

Toshiba Portege R830

New Portégé® R830 laptop offers a series of innovative design points that let it perform better, longer and cooler, while still delivering super-slender portability. This PC can definitely handle the heat of your busy day.

Toshiba Satellite L700 Series

Featuring the Toshiba glossy Fusion Finish with the new 3D Dot Pattern in 5 distintive colors - Grace Silver, Precious Black, Modena Red, Luxe White and Modena Brown, the Satellite L700 series also includes premium flat keyboards and wide multi-touch TouchPads. Also each notebook in this series come equipped with a separate NVIDIA Graphics Card for enhanced multimedia performance.

They also introduced a new range of Toshiba Portable Hard Drives Art Series featuring the new SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface, which offers blazing fast file transfers uhe speed up to 10 times the speeds of USB 2.0 Hard Drives. Comes in 2.5 inches , it includes the easy-to-use features - Windows based NTI Backup EZ software which allows the users to backup and restore complete systems in event of a crash. User can boot up and restore from directly from the Drive with USB connectivity or from a bootable CD. It is available in 500GB and 1TB of HDD space

After the official launching, we saw some artists doing their artwork at the event.

It is interesting how they came out with different ideas to match the Summer collection. Little did we know, the medias and bloggers are also invited to join the drawing contest.

Me and Sharon in a team.. we got only like 10 mins to draw ?

We are given watercolors and 2 big brushes to draw.. so end up I used my fingers to draw and color , like how I did my eyeshadow sometimes .. hehe

p/s: Sorry for the artist artwork we have here, too pretty not to be shown :D

Some of the art work by other participants

The winning masterpiece

The 2 master painters!

Below are the 3 lucky winners that walked away the with notebooks !

p/s: SAD no luck lah !

After the "hardwork" of painting , we are treated with delicious food :D

Okay I think I am more suitable to become a "makeup" painter :D Any volunteer ?

For more information of all the latest Toshiba Summer Art 2011 Collection, please visit

p/s: Me also using Toshiba laptop at o

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