Review : Clarins UV Plus Hp Day Screen High Protection

Clarins UV Plus Hp Day Screen High Protection SPH 40 UVA-UVB/PA+++ oil free was launched with an upgraded version from their previous formula

Clarins discovered that the complete protection should not only focus on the protection from the “outside”—external aggressors of UV ray and pollution, but also what’s critical the “inside”—internal defense toward anti-oxidant and DNA damage.

(From the press released)

This new formulated UV Plus is made with a high performance France plant ingredients- Cantaloupe melon from Provence, obtained from organic farming- that is rich in super-oxide dismutase (SOD), an enzyme that fights with oxidation.Recognized as a rare fruit to be grown only in the best part of the garden, the Cantaloupe melon contains high level of SOD in its flesh. This enzyme protects the fruit from the harmful effects of free radicals, ensuring that the melon stays fresher, longer.

.Cantaloupe melon extract is clinically proven to obviously reduce the DNA damage as well as the free radicals in the keratinocyte caused by UVA exposure. To ensure the optimal effectiveness, the Cantaloupe melon extract is encapsulated in microcapsules that open up when applied onto skin and promote constant effectiveness.

Comes in their usual bottle form

Texture : Watery
Color: White
Smell : Scented

Note : There are two type, one is the neutral color sunblock which I am reviewing here and another one is tinted skin tone color.

Review : Although the sunscreen comes in white color, there is no white residue left on my skin after I applied it. My face feel smooth and it felt as if nothing has been applied on my skin. My skin did not turn out to be greasy even though I went under the sun for few hours due to sweating and I believe this is because of their light-weight formula designed for this sunblock.
I like the fact it comes in high SPH and promises to give very high antioxidant and anti-pollution protection to our skin. Most importantly protect our skin against premature aging. And this is so far my the sunblock I ever tried. The only down side of this product is of course the price i.e it is being sold for RM156 for 30ml (but i think this is a good buy because it's really good!)

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