Potty Training Means Noticing Differences!

***WARNING: This post contains the word "winkie" frequently! Proceed at your own risk...

So, since Little Guy is being introduced to potty training, one of his favorite "hobbies" has become sitting on his stool in the bathroom and watching everyone go potty. Yeah, not something I'd be too awfully fascinated with. But, to a little one who is trying to be like the grown-ups around him, this is just one more way he can become a "big boy". Whenever anyone announces that they have to use the restroom, or even when he hears the door to the bathroom opening, he wants to "help" whoever needs to go.

Now, I am the only female that he is around on a regular basis. He has a Daddy, a big brother, and two male cats here. Even his toys are all boys - his pretty baby doll who is all dressed in pink has been dubbed "Steve" by Little Guy! So, when he "helps" me go potty, he's just simply amazed that "Mommy doesn't have a winkie." I know, should be teaching him proper names and all, but that's what Daddy calls it, so that's what he calls it. I don't think it will damage him all that much! Anyway, he's very concerned about my lack of body parts. We've explained that that's just how it is - boys and girls are just different in that area. I've assured him that I'm OK with this turn of events. But he still can't seem to shake the feeling that I'm missing out on something so very important.

Lately, whenever he goes potty or gets his diaper changed, we end up having some form of conversation about his winkie and how he can go pee with it. Last night, though, the fact that I don't have one was heavily on his mind. He came up with a wonderful solution for me - it was really a moment of genius to him. Here's how it went (and I'm not making this up!):

L.G.: I have winkie!

ME: Yes, you do!

L.G.: Daddy have winkie, Brubber have winkie, kitties have winkies... (he went on with a huge list, including such famous names as Mr. Rogers and Elmo.)

ME: Yep, they all have winkies (trying to shake the image of Mr. Rogers having a "winkie" out of my mind's eye - shudder!)

L.G.: Mommy don't have winkie. Poor Mommy.

ME: Oh, that's OK. I don't need a winkie. I'm a girl and we don't have them.

L.G.: (He's had an epiphany!) I know! You go buy a winkie at the store!

ME: Oh, no, you can't buy a winkie at the store!

L.G.: You have to pay with money. Then get winkie!

ME: Umm....

Now, just how should I have handled THAT?! On the one hand, he needs to know you can't just go out and buy that kind of thing. But he was so excited about this wonderful solution for my "problem" that I didn't want him to think his idea was silly. So, I just kinda changed the subject. I think I was more taken with the fact that he managed to come up with this solution on his own, you know?

Hoping to be diaper-free soon!

Have any good stories about little ones realizing that we're all not the same? I'd love to hear them!

Have any ideas on how I could handle this situation (or others) should it come up again? PLEASE share!

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