Makeup in Pencil Zip-up Bags: Just Throw It in the Bag!

Hello, my lovelies!

Back to Vietnam means many things to me. One of those things is saying goodbye to my awesome closet full o' makeup. Yup, just a few month ago, my makeup closet had enough product to fuel a small-scale beauty magazine. When I left, I threw away and donated lots of stuff I and carried my best with me. Now, I don't even have a table to put my makeup, which explains the recent lack of FOTDs.

In my parents' house, each square inch on top of the dresser is prime real estate. Therefore, I need to group my makeup wisely. That way, not only I can locate them faster but I can also spot the things I want even before I open the bag.

The solution: zip-up stationary bags for kids!

Like these guys!
 I got 2 after the back to school event last year. The blue one in the background was from that event. It has 3 holes so you can fit it into a 3-ring binder. Since I used both of them and still have plenty of makeup left, I wanted some more and got another 2 in the bookstore near my parents' house.

These guys are really cheap. For the B2S sale, I got them for about 25-30 cents each. The ones I bought in VN are 20 cents each. Can't get anything cheaper than that! Even at dollar store, you get a dingy clear makeup bag that costs a big one already!

Wanna know why I like these clear stationary zip-up bags? Jump!

First of all, I have a thing for clear bags when it comes to makeup. To think of it, I'd prefer to know where my stuff at even before opening the bag. It would be fine to store your makeup in whatever type of container/storage facility if you have less than 10 items. However, with a massive amount of makeup comes the headache of locating them. Since I don't want to open 10 bags in order to find an eyeliner, these guys are perfect.

The second point:

This bad boy haz a zipper, baby!
 If they made sturdier and better-looking Ziplock bags, I would tote my stuff around in them. Sadly, that's not the case. Between the regular zipper and the ziplock-type one, I prefer the later. It glides a lot smoother since there's no teeth for it to snag on.

And now, for those of you who still wonder how many things I can carry in my bag, please take a look at this:

These are all of my regular makeup items. Granted, they don't look like a lot but I have busted a big makeup bag in order to fit them!
However, the stationary zip-up bag is a trouper!
Not only I can see them, they all fit in the bag very nicely.
I also have another bag for my brushes. Since it's very dusty around the house, this type of bag keeps my brushes from the dust. From now on, I would totally travel with these bags. Not only they are cheap, they are also very sturdy and the clear plastic helps me spot my makeup items even before opening them.

How about you? How do you store your makeup?

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