Freckles Crafts Giveaway WINNER!!! (Was it you?!)

First, I'd like to thank Rebecca of Freckles Crafts for this great giveaway. Not only did she award me with a year's supply of crafts from her own blog giveaway, but she also offered a giveaway to you my readers. I hope that some of you liked what you saw in her store and plan on stocking up on some kits for those summer "I'm Bored!" days. They've got some really great kits, including one of my favorites (if you're my husband and you're reading this, then hint, hint, nudge!) :

Felted Owl - ONLY $4.50!!!

 And, without further ado....

Out of 141 entries (you guys are great, by the way!), the winning comment was #99, belonging to angieb:

angieb said... 99
I liked Freckles on FB #1
Angie Best-Boss

Congratulations to Angie! I'll be emailing you tomorrow morning.

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