Roger Daltrey Was in My Kitchen!!!

Did I ever tell you that I was born an entire generation too late?  If my birth date were just twenty years earlier, I'd have had the pleasure of seeing and hearing all of my favorite rock bands LIVE. But, then, I'd probably be living in England right now because, after selling everything I owned to get myself on a rowboat across the Atlantic, I'd have been too broke to ever get back this way. Anyway... I guess what I'm saying is I LOVE British rock from the 60's and 70's: Pink Floyd, The Beatles (Lennon!), Jethro Tull, King Crimson, Traffic, The Animals, The Yardbirds (Jeff Beck!), Moody Blues, Led Zeppelin, and, of course, The Who. (No, I don't take psychedelics!) Not only is the music spectacular, these guys (well, most of them) were HOT. [Disclaimer: Please notice the "were" part in the previous sentence. I once had the pleasure of waiting on Robert Plant when I waited tables in L.A. and he looked... um, melted!]

So, it's amazing, really.

Here I am, getting out the stuff to make brownies when this offer of help comes from out of the blue. The voice went right through me, the smile was heart-stopping. Oh, and I can't forget about that wild, unruly, and curly blond hair. And those dancing, electric-blue eyes! What could I say? "No, you sit down and have something to drink. I can do this myself." Uh-uh!


OK, so maybe it really wasn't Roger Daltrey. Maybe I got mixed up. But, in my defense, they are doing a LOT with plastic surgery and wrinkle creams nowadays.

 We've been calling Little Guy's interesting hair style "The Roger" lately. I have this desire to cut a little bit off just so his curls will be curly again. Right now it's kind of weird: straight on the very top, wavy on the sides, and he has the cutest Shirley Temple ringlets in the back - you can pull on them and they boing right back into place! I'm just afraid that I'll screw it up and my cute little guy will end up with a "respectable" Republican hair cut (no offense to any Republicans out there who I am pretty sure aren't reading THIS blog.) We'll see what happens...

*** I need to thank Two Classy Chics' Blog for hosting the giveaway for a That's My Shirt gift certificate that bought Little Guy's totally awesome The Who - Magic Bus shirt! And, no, no one paid me or gave me anything to say that. I just thought I'd be nice and mention these fine folks for giving me free stuff in exchange for liking and following them all over the Internet.

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