I Have a NEW Page!

Hi! I went ahead and added a giveaway linky last night. See that link at the top of this page that says: Green Parenting Giveaway Linky? That's it! I'm sorry that those links up there are so hard to see. I have absolutely no idea how to change it into a darker color, so until I can afford a blog makeover it's going to stay that way. (I'm hoping to get a cool button for this linky, eventually, too!)

So, what kind of stuff will you find at the Green Parenting Giveaway Linky???? Just about any giveaways that have to do with eco-friendly products, anything that would appeal to children, educational products, stuff for moms and dads, healthy/natural foods, etc.It is an ongoing linky, meaning that you only have to link up one time and it will stay until the end date has passed.

So, whether you're looking for a place to link your giveaway, or you want to win some fantastic prizes, the Green Parenting Giveaway Linky is the place to go!

Pop on over - there are already some great giveaways linked up!!!

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