f.o.x Makeup School @ Counter Launch and Makeover voucher giveaway!!!

Everyone loves makeover , but usually this was done solely by the makeup artist (while we sit there and enjoy) and hardly we could pick up a skill or two makeup tips because it is difficult to learn by watching.

People always asked me how and where I learn my makeup, you know I learn the hard way by trying at home (where I put on and remove it all over again until I get the perfect look ) and of course makeup workshop does help me (only those very good hands-on one) .

So if you are one who loves makeup and yet do not know how to do it or need coaching, then F.O.X Cosmetics is the right place for you. Not only they are offering a wide range of cosmetics which I introduced in earlier of this year in this blog post where I had a pretty makeover , today they are offering different makeup lesson.

They launched their first ever "makeup school @ counter" at all their Parksons counter featuring 15-30 minutes of fun, personal makeup tutorials specially dedicated to individuals wanting to acquire specific makeup skills through customized lessons based on our needs and facial contours over the counter at anytime of the day at your convenient (by appointment)

When the F.O.X PR contacted me to join them for the launching of their Makeup School @ Counter Launch at 1Utama, I was asking myself what do I want to learn and never able to master it ?

The immediate answer is my eyebrow!!

I have tried and fail to shape my eyebrow. Everyone I know is telling me is easy but I just cant get it, it is so painful to pluck my eyebrow (always in tears) and shaving using the blade is so scary and afraid of cutting myself or over-shaved !!

F.O.X are offering 2 types of programs targeting at teaching day-to-day makeup needs with minimal charges

1) 15-minutes Express Class will enable individuals to learn making up specific parts of their face. These 15-minutes shorter lessons are aimed at providing for very specific needs of “getting it right” for individuals. Can choose what they want to master from a standard list of skills or to just simply tell our Professional Makeup Artists what they wish to learn.

2) 30-minutes Premium Class which aimed at catering to individuals that are interested in learning a wholesome facial make up, ranging from basic day-to-day making up for work (or play) to making up for important functions or events.

Express Class (RM15)
Duration: approx. 15 mins.
*Your Best Brows
* Natural Double Eyelids
* Faux Lashes
* Charm of Oriental Eyes
* The Phoenix
* Monolid Eyes
* The Flawless Skin
* Sexy Smokey Eyes
* Alluring Eyes
* Dramatic Eyes

Premium Class (RM25)
Duration: approx. 30 mins
*Elegant Day
*Night Diva
*Your Desire

Note : You can enjoy the above services with a minimum purchase of RM50.00 & above in a single receipt OR get it free with purchase of RM 350.00 & above

Me without any makeup

I told Alvin about what I want to learn and how I always fail to pick up the skills, he came up with a superb solution for me to master the skill of shaping my own eyebrow (or rather let it growing wildly or pay the the makeup artist to do it for me- but sometimes it's not the shape that flatters my eyes shape).

So I took Express class to learn Your Best Eyebrow look. Supposedly around 15 mins but I was like trembling and shaking and i think took more than 30 mins =.= pardon me for the 1st time to learn to shave my eyebrow using a blade.

Alvin the Chief Make-Up Artist who are my tutor of the day said that my problem is I could not able to imagine where is the boarder line where I should pluck or shaved my eyebrow , so he think of a way and told me I could use a white eyeliner pencil to draw up a shape on my eyebrow first before plucking / shaving so I will know where is the boarder line.

Must admit it is not easy but at least I learn how to hold the blade properly and how to draw my eyebrow shape before shaving it off.

After that I took Night Diva makeup lesson, where Alvin will do the right side of my face and I will need to my own left side of the face following his steps.

As my eyes shape are short, he drew my eyes longer using eyeshadow and eyeliner to make my eyes look bigger.

So this is my end result of my gorgeous makeup lesson with Alvin

I like how my eyebrow look right now, very precise and flatters my eyes shape very well :)

p/s: Should put on fake eyelashes but did not put on since I'm not attending any dinners that night .

What I used in my makeover class
Makeup Primer 3 in 1 Solution SPH 30 in MP03
Sheer Finish Loose Powder in PU03
Brow&Shadow Eyebrow Compact
Auto Eyeshadow Pencil AP11
Long Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black
Eyeshadow Make Up Box 11 MB02
Artist Cheek Color AB01
Classic Rouge in CR04
Perfect Lip Gloss in PL05


Their latest Volume & Extension Mascara that vibrates 360 degrees (clockwise and anti-clockwise) , that each lashes will be coated with smudge proof mascara!

Alvin & Me

Good news to all Jessying's readers!!

Thank you F.O.X Cosmetics for being generous to sponsor 10 lucky to try Complimentary Express-Up Lesson for free !

How to enter ?

1) Be Jessying's followers via google connect

2) Be the 1st 10 persons to leave a comment to the question below

Q: What is the one thing you always want to learn about makeup?

3) Leave your follower name & email and submit as a comment under this post. Eg as below

I want to learn how to shape my eyebrow

Follower ID : Jessying
Email : jessying @ gmail.com

Quick be the 1st 10 commentors to win the vouchers , super fast and easy !!

(Note: voucher expiring 1st May 2011 - appointment is needed for makeup lesson)

f.o.x Cosmetics Counters are at Parkson Sunway Pyramid, Parkson One Utama and Parkson Sg. Wang.

To schedule an appointment , call the following numbers from 10am to 6pm, Mondays to Sundays:-

f.o.x Parkson Sg. Wang counter : 012-390 0108
f.o.x Parkson Sunway Pyramid counter : 012-390 1283
f.o.x Parkson 1-Utama : 03-7724 1587

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