I Can't Believe I'm Doing This!!!

So, just to show everyone what a good great sport I am, I have taken a photo of what's under MY kitchen sink. The Peaceful Housewife is running a giveaway that ends tonight. There is only one way to enter - take a photo of where you store your cleaning supplies and email it to her (jenny at thepeacefulhousewife dot com) for posting on her Facebook page. The prize is a package of assorted, eco-friendly cleaning products from The Peaceful Housewife's online store. There hasn't been a huge response and I think I know why - no one wants their nasty cupboard plastered all over Facebook. So, I'm showing you mine - I didn't clean it out, I didn't move stuff around to make it look orderly, I didn't even wipe the nasty layer of gunk on the shelf off. It will be the nastiest photo up there and everyone can look at it and say, "Well, I guess MY shelf isn't even close to that bad. I guess I don't feel so weird about entering now!" or something like that. My husband now thinks I'm crazy for taking multiple photos of this scary area of our kitchen. My oldest son is hoping that I don't tag him in the photo lest his friends see it and think he's completely un-cool. Little Guy just said, "Cheese!"

Now, before revealing my dirty laundry here, I want you all to know that, yes, I have some pretty bad stuff down there - Scrubbing Bubbles, Windex, Dawn... you get the picture. My husband refuses to let me take it to the hazardous waste day at the store. He is adamant about having spent good money on that junk and there's no reason to toss it. So, it sits there, taunting me, every time I reach down to pull out my big jug of vinegar. I cannot tell you how tempted I am to just pour a little, teeny, tiny bit of the pretty blue Mr. Clean stuff into the bucket of vinegar & water that I use to scrub my kitchen floor - I miss the smell of clean so much... I know I've gone on and on about it, but that's because I really miss it! But, then I look over at Little Guy, who's holding a Skoy cloth and ready to pour water all over the floor and I know I can't have him putting his hands into a bucket with that stuff in it. (((Sigh)))

So, here it is, my entry to The Peaceful Housewife's "Green Your Clean" giveaway:

Geez! You don't have to STARE, do you??? LOL

Well, now that you're done gasping, shaking your head, giggling, and clogging up your friends' and family's inboxes with the horrific scene that is under my kitchen sink, get out your camera. Tidy up a little under YOUR sink and take a picture. Email it to: Jenny at ThePeacefulHousewife dot com and maybe you'll get some really great stuff to clean with!

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