Shopping: Giant Tiger, Wal-Mart and Dollarama

I went to Giant Tiger and Wal-Mart before going on vacations and I've found some interesting things.

Giant Tiger:

I lost my invoice, but if I remember well, most of the articles were $12.97 and $14.97.

Just One Three-quarter sleeves grey cardigan: I've been wanting one forever! I like that's it's grey; it just goes with everything (=

Blue Crush Long sleeves baby blue cardigan: I love the design in the back!

Bizz Girl Belted black and white striped top: I was looking for some long tops that would go well with my leggings, and this one is perfect (=
Sorry for the crappy quality, I couldn't get a nice picture -_-

Bizz Girl Belted black and navy blue striped top: I love the studded belt!


725 Originals Yellow bikini - $5 each piece : I've been wanting a yellow bikini for some times now, and at this price, I couldn't resist! It's a very basic bikini though, so there's not a lot of padding or support.


I like to wander in the beauty aisle of my local Dollarama, as I always find some interesting things at such a bargaineous price.

 Super Mario Gummies and crunchy candies - $1.25 : I have a fascination for everything from Nintendo, and I often find some of those things at the dollar store. Most of the candies are not good, but I buy them for the figurine. Those were for my boyfriend (=

 Epsom Salts Bath Crystals - $1 : I was looking for something more abrasive than sugar or salt to mix with olive oil to make my own body scrub, and I think this would be perfect.

Alberto VO5 Deep Nourishing Moisture Intensive Mask 3 Minute Mask - $2 : This was on the lowest shelf, so if I hadn't look down, I wouldn't have seen it! I haven't heard about this product before, but it's labelled "NEW". I needed a good hair mask for my fried ends, so I can't wait to try it!

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