Bling Out with NYC Starry Silver Glitter Nail Polish

Hi everybody,

I hope you are having a long holiday so far. Since July 4th fell on Sunday, we the people in the U.S of A also have Monday off. That's awesome, isn't it? Lately, I had an urge to bling out my nails. NYC makes it easy and affordable for me to do so with Starry Silver glitter nail polish.

Let's see:
  • The price: 99 cents
  • The level of awesomeness: endless!
I did a quick bling out French tip last week and here's how it looks:
A different take on French tip
Normally, I am not a French tip kind of girl. Don't get me wrong, I used to do it because French tips do go with everything. However, when they chip, the look is just horrible. Also, I am not ambidextrous so the nails on my left hand always ended up looking a lot better than those on my right hand. With DIY French tips, that's a big no no.

With this bling out version of French tips, I don't even need to worry about the evenness. As long as I pack my brush with enough glitters, my tips will look fine.

A closer look at the nail polish bottle and the nails themselves

Don't believe me about the lack of messiness? This is my right hand :)
Please don't mind my raggy looking nails. Obviously, I need to apply more hand creme to my cuticles :)

I love this cheap glittery nail polish. It has small white glitters and larger purple and blue ones. The large glitters may be harder to fish out but you need 3-4 of them for each tip. Two coats will give you enough large glitters.
How to do the bling out French tips:
  1. Apply base coat to your nails
  2. Apply 2 coats of Starry Silver glitter nail polish to the tip area of your nail. The thickness should be about 1/5-1/4 the length of your nail. Wait in between coat for your nail polish to dry.
  3. Apply quick 2 coats of dry top coat and voila, you're done!
This is very simple yet glamorous. Even I, the one who has two left hands when it comes to nails, can do it. I hope you'll enjoy this bling out French tip nail trick.

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