Clare's FOTD: "The Time Traveler's Wife" Look

Hi everybody,

Remember my almost FOTD look I did last week? Well, I nailed Rachel McAdams's look on the cover of "The Time Traveler's Wife"! Yay me!

Don't believe me? Look:

Clare's FOTD
Say what, homies? You don't think I nailed this look?

Similar makeup look, right? The reason I don't look like her is because I don't have her face :)
This is a very beautiful and easy look to create. I think it's a proper look for a bride on her big day. Wanna know how to do it? Jump!

Stuff I used:
  • Eyes: MAC Bare Canvas paint pot (not shown), Aura Science Hazel Brown (or MAC Espresso), MAC Amber Lights, the light color in NYX Shangri-La trio, VS Beauty Rush Bronzilliant, Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Bourbon, Rimmel London Flash Volume Lash, ELF eyeshadow brush, MAC 217 and 219 brushes, EcoTools crease brush
  • Face: Korres primer with Oak and Quercetin, The Ultimate Powder, Formula D mineral foundation, Shu Uemura blush in P Brown 76, MAC 129 blush brush (not shown), Swirled cosmetics kabuki brush, Z Mei balancing toner
  • Lips: MAC Thrills lipstick and Shiseido Maquillage RD332 lipgloss


  • Apply MAC Bare Canvas as an eyeshadow primer to the eyes from the lash line to the brow bone, then Bronzilliant from the lash line to half way to the crease
  • Using ELF eyeshadow brush, blend Hazel Brown (or MAC Espresso) to the area covered by Bronzilliant, concentrating more on the outer corner of your eyes
  • Blend lightly with MAC 219: I know this is strange but apparently, the 219 pencil brush does not disperse color like the 217 blending brush does
  • Apply Amber Lights to the crease using EcoTools crease brush, then blend lightly with MAC 217
  • Highlight using the lightest shade of NYX Shangri-La trio using MAC 217 brush: to think about it, this shade kinda looks like Stila Kitten. You can use Kitten if you don't have this trio
  • Apply Bronzilliant to the lower lash line and apply Hazel Brown (or Espresso) on top of it, using MAC 219
  • Line both the upper and lower lash lines with Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Bourbon
  • Curl your lashes and apply Rimmel London Flash Volume Lash to both the upper and lower lashes
Semi-close eye
  • Prime your face with Korres primer with oak and quercetin: I find this primer to hold my makeup a lot better than the regular Korres primer
  • Spray the Swirled kabuki brush with Z Mei balancing toner before applying mineral foundation with it
  • Set the foundation with The Ultimate Powder
  • Blush: apply Shu Uemura P Brown 76 blush using MAC 139 blush brush, using a light hand because this blush is very pigmented
  • Apply MAC Thrills lipstick, using a lip liner brush, then top off with Shiseido RD 332 lip gloss

Tada, you're done! Squidward's nose :)
This is a simple and elegant look that can be used in many different occasions. I love the Hazel Brown/Amber Lights combo. Amber Lights does make everything look a lot brighter. For some reasons, I think it is a look that's suitable for weddings, too.

What do you think? Btw, the nail polish I wore is the famous "For Audrey" from China Glaze. I am going to do a review on it soon.


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