Remove Blackheads Without Any Pain By Using Toothbrush.

The technical term for a blackhead is an open comedone meaning that the blackhead is open to the skins surface.
Blackheads fall into the category of Acne vulgaris,this category also includes whiteheads & pimples, which is considered a mild moderate case of acne.They are nothing, but blocked pores that are filled with oil deposits and dead skin cells.Usually blackheads are the result of oily skin and blocked pores.
When an open pore becomes blocked with dead skin cells and sebum, this material is exposed to air and begins to oxidize. This causes the material to discolor and turn black, resulting in blackheads.They tend to be most prevalent on the skin of the face, neck, and chest
While there are many skin treatments, like laser therapy, which you can follow to get cured of blackheads, it is advisable to stick to natural ways.
There are many home remedies for blackheads, so before you go to an expensive salon for extractions, try some items that are available right in your own kitchen or bathroom...
If you are having problems with blackheads dont worry there is the easest remedy ever to get rid of them just take an super soft toothbrush get it wet and scrub away.
Scrubbing the face carefully with an super soft toothbrush is one of the best home remedies for blackheads. It should not leave scratch marks on your face; if it does, you’re doing it too hard. This should be done every other night on slightly damp skin with some foaming face wash on face and must be done very gently Use a baby toothbrush with extra gentle bristles for better results.
Toothbrush should be kept clean after use for reuse.

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