Review : Maybelline Moisture Extreme in Delicate Pink

I got this lipstick sometimes ago in Loreal Warehouse sale..

Was using it quite often until this year when I bought so much others cosmetics to play with that I forgot about this.

So I dig this out and started to use it .

This is Moisture Extreme (950) in Delicate Pink

Yes I know its going to expire soon, so I am quick it quite regularly..

This is a beautiful soft pink color. This is sheer in color and very moisturizing which I agreed with the lipstick's name "Moisture Extreme" .

My "nude" lips

This lipstick glides easily on my lips, and hulla..... I love how the color looks on my lips. So natural pinkish~ very healthy pink...

This is one of the lipstick I owned that are affordable in price but yet it delivered in terms of color, texture and moisturizing level.

So have you girls tried any Maybelline's lipstick before?

Time to give it a try :D

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