Sasa 1st Bloggers's Tea Session!

Any bloggers out there? Exciting news!! Sa Sa Malaysia is organizing its 1st BLOGGERS' TEA SESSION

Sasa is going to Paint the town PINK(!) in their first ever bloggers' tea session! Nope, not they not gonna sell you anything, and not gonna launch anything, they just wanna get to know you better!

Other than their invited blogger guests, they also opening up TEN invites to the tea party for their fans on FB and also followers on Twitter.

Well, if you've been blogging for at least a year and if you're interested in beauty and health, then sure, send us a message (from with the following info:
Name on FB:
Blog URL:

Blogging since:

Yea, that's it! Application closes 2010.07.29 (Thu) @23:59 (msia time, of course^^)

We will announce the lucky winners for the TEN INVITES on friday (2010.07.30), good luck!

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