Hairtag Giveaway Winner

Hi everybody,

Remember the Hairtag giveaway, anybody? Well, guess how many people participated? Exactly two!

Come on, guys! That was a Twitter giveaway and it was super easy: you tweeted and left a comment on the entry. Why didn't you guys join?

Since there are only two participants, I decided to use the age old method of picking the winner: flip the coin. Trisha and Elle were the participants and base on the order of the entry, Trisha got the head while Elle got the tail.

One toss and when the coin hit the ground, this is what we got:

Tail! Congratulations, Elle!
Elle, please email me your mailing address and I'll forward it to the kind folks at Hairtag. Trisha, I'm so sad you didn't win this giveaway. If I were Oprah, you could have won, too.

Again, congratulations to the winner and thank you Hairtag for sponsoring this giveaway.

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