My Shopping Haul from Guangzhou

A reader Tan requested that I put down the price of my purchase but seriously I don't remembered quite clearly. Because I buy if its looks nice and its below RM30 (Rmb 60). I try to jot down the price if I can remembered well in RMB ya !

Most of my clothes are purchased from Shang Jiu Street and Beijing Street. As usual I bargained to the max. My advice is resistance!

They offered a dress for Rmb 60 (Rmb 30), I asked discount, they said Rmb 45 best price.I answered NO , I want Rmb 20. They will insist said no, Rmb30 , I said No and I only will buy if its Rmb20. And if the person said cannot or offer some thing else. I just walked away without turning back. 99% they will called you back and said "Ok fine come back Rmb 20 (less than RM10) for you!"

Some of the statement you can use included
1) I don't buy this dress is okay, still plenty of choices in other stores.
2)I saw similar dress at another stalls, I am going there to buy.
3) Sorry I dont have so much money to spend, cant buy your dress even though I want to
4) Oh, I got enough dress for today. Thank you for your offer.

This always work for me. And of course by cracking some jokes always help.

Also remembered to visit those shops/stalls inside the building/malls rather that those shop along the main road which tend to be more expensive.

This pink dress is Rmb 25-35


Rmb 49

Rmb 18

Rmb 35

Rmb 25

Rmb 25

Rmb 35

Rmb 20

Rmb 20

Rmb 20




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