OOTN: Sun-kissed skin so hot, we'll melt your popsicle, oooooh oh oooooh

Last week, I met with some friends to have dinner at Chez Milot and then we headed to Radio Lounge in Montreal. This is what I wore to dinner because I didn't have time to change before:

Cardigan: Giant Tiger
Tank top: Forever 21
Shorts: Stitches (those were an old pair of jeans I cute into shorts)

I did my hair before the restaurant to save time, but as you can see in the pictures below, it didn't hold its curls through the day because it was so hot and humid, despite my overload of hairspray. And after the club, it was totally falling flat LOL.

After dinner, I changed to go clubbing:

with Sara and Véronique (I did Sara's makeup!)

 What a dumb smile LOL

Cami: Simons
Necklace: Avon
Studs earrings: eBay

with Sara and Gen

I don't have a picture of my full outfit, but I wore this skirt from Limité:

It is really short (I wouldn't wear it on the street), but it was on sale ($10, if I remember well) and I couldn't get over the pretty lace details:


The day after, my father found a stray dog in your yard! Don't worry, we found his owner pretty quickly and handed him to her. I bet he ran from the house because he was scared of the storm. Poor doggie!

 It's a shih tzu named Toufou.

The way he sits is just too cute! I was wondering if he had legs problems, though )=

with my mother

We gave him cat food because we were worried he would be starving - and he ate it!

It was nice meeting you, Toufou!

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