Am in Guangzhou now !

(My little haul!)

I'm now in Guangzhou, China. The weather is hot & dry.Here the clothes are quite cheap but not as cheap as those that I bought from Shenzhen. Maybe because I did not went to their wholesale area yet. Last few days was quite a relaxing holiday for us because we sleep till noon before going out. Compare to my Hong Kong & Shenzhen holiday, its crazy tiring because we are rushing all the time for sightseeing. Most of the shops here are selling at fix price. Last 2 days we visited 2 famous shopping area which is Beijing Road & Shangxiajiu-Dishipu Pedestrian Shopping Street. Its scary because the street is full of mountain of people !

p/s: The skin on my nose are peeling, and luckily I brought mask with me. So am sleeping tonight with Laneige Sleeping Mask.

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