My little Haul from UK

Ah remembered 2 months ago , I was asking in my facebook that if I should go for Europe tour which end up I did not because I have 2 upcoming trips this few months. Anyway, I am flying to Guangzhou China this coming Thursday..And I might go to Shanghai World Expo, and this depends how expensive the local air flight there.

Well back to my story here. My best friend Ellis went to London to see her boyfriend! She was there for a month to recharge herself! While I of course asked her to shop on behalf for me to recharge myself.

Below are my little haul!

Found out this promotion from one of the beauty blogger based in UK (cannot remember the link now) . Buy Glamour Magazine at £2p/each and get one Benefit's freebie! So the greedy me asked my friend to buy 3 magazines to get 3 different Benefit item. Conceal IT, Eye Bright and Bad Girl.

Not just that , I finally own the Urban Decay Portion !!!!!!!!!!!

I have the original and sin portion too !

£11.50 each !

Cant wait to play with it!

Maynard Sweets which my friend said is nice so I asked Ellis to buy to let me try ~ £2

The purple is £16 and the White one is £8.75

UK Local brand watch.

From £49.90 to £20.

I like this very much ! Only

Only £5

All so cheap, quality good also only £6

Thank you Ellis for your help!

That's all! Well she is going back in November again.. (hopefully I can join her that time!)

Hmmm... hopefully she got more time to shop this time around :D

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