Catch the Biore Beauty Mobile Bus!

Last Friday morning, I spotted Biore Beauty Mobile Bus parked in front of my office. I did not intend to check out as I was "supposed" to stop spending. Howeverrrr.... 恶魔 Wendy messaged and asked me to check it out together during lunch and even forwarded the link for samples redemption... So feeling obliged to redeem the samples and curious what is this Biore doing at our office car park, I agreed!

We are greeted by ladies in white who looked like nurse they seemed like operating someone's body (joking!) Anyway they were actually doing skin test here and also letting the people to try the products on their face.

So I did try the Biore cleansing oil, it's not bad because it's light weight and it cleansed properly but I feel that it is not as good as the one I am using right now, Kose Sofymo. However when my Kose Sofymo runs out, I might consider buying this to try since Kose Sofymo not available in Malaysia. I bought it from Hong Kong.

Lucky draw prizes..

And by printing the voucher here and bring it to the nearest Biore Beauty Mobile Bus and redeem the above.

So I bought Biore Cleansing Oil Wipes in box (Rm27.96, NP RM32 +)and a small pack of traveling Cleansing Oil (RM5 something) because I tried it and seriously it cleanses so well without feeling oily and needing to rub hard. Yes review soon!!!

WHAT MORE is they are offering all products 15% discount off!!!!!

This is my lucky draw prize ! A cosmetic pouch..

Quick run to the Biore Beauty Mobile Bus now and get this !!!

To find out where are their current location, click here to find out.

For more information, join Biore's facebook here.

p/s: Yes we can even shop even during lunch . LOL!!!

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