Belly at Large: Hand Cream of Dead!

Hello home people!

Yeah, that's what you're going to get when you call me "home kitty". Again, only the mamarazzi gets the honor to call me that. Why, you may ask. Because she feeds me, roar!

Anyways, I'm going to cool down a little bit. It's too early to pick a fight on human. Besides, it gets in the way of my global domination plan. The last time I did it, I was in trouble. Remember this post? It was definitely not a good day for moi.

Thou shall not claw humans. Thou shall customize their books with thy teeth instead!
But it was not 100% my fault that I assaulted the mamarazzi. The hand cream of dead made me do it!

The hand cream of dead is the Mint Green Tea hand cream from Green by Natures. The mamarazzi has been greening up her body care products. She bought it because it doesn't have parabens and petroleum by products but has shea butter and other lovely oils inside. I know she likes it because this hand cream keeps her hand moist and all.

But it freakin' burned my nose, man! The thing has peppermint oil inside and every time she touched me, it burned! So I gave her a bit of warning by pressing my tender claws on her pristine skin. Little did I know, my nails needed some manicures. They are awfully sharp.

Have you see my sharp claws? Wolverine has nothing on me!
La mamarazzi has a lip gloss of dead, also made by Green by Natures. Luckily, she doesn't kiss me. Eventually, we came to an understanding: she will not use the hand cream of dead when she's around me and I shall not give her my claws of dead. It was a good deal. The mamarazzi was so lucky.
The lesson is: humans, please don't use anything that contains pepper, peppermint, or hot chilli pepper when you're near cats. We don't like it and we will reciprocate by giving your our claws of dead or teeth of dead. This product is not bad, according to human standard. If it didn't contain peppermint, I could have even enjoyed it more.

Latest picture of moi. You think only Rob Patz can do that sunken emo look of his? The boy stole my signature look and he should wash his hair!

That's all for today. I hope you enjoy this post. La mamarazzi said the Banana Shea one was good and I wonder why she didn't buy it. I know, she's only human!

Love, peace, and tuna fish,
Mr. Belly, aka Belri neko-san in Japanese

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