Why Estee Lauder freebies are popular?

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Are you currently one of those Estee Lauder users who's enthusiastic about Estee Lauder freebies with purchase order? I believe each of us would surely be. It is not a matter of greed and we shouldn't feel guilty about receiving such gifts. Since we are going to purchase their products, why not find ways to make sure you are eligible for such freebies?

The purpose of offering this kind of giveaways would be to help the company in hiking their sales profits. Just as Lancome gift with purchase campaigns, Estee Lauder purchasers who are willing to spend over a specified amount will be qualified for their premium freebies. For instance, a free makeup pouch is commonly rewarded with a lip stick plus their famous mascara for every shopping cart order of $60 and beyond. It's not all the time that you will come across such special offers. However, you can be quite sure that there will be at least one promotion during the time of year with high volume of sales. High sales volume period can be defined as weeks right before a major holiday such as Christmas Day or special day such as Valentine's Day. Those are the times of the year when majority of people will want to shop for gifts to be given to their loved ones. However, special promotions may well also be offered during low sales volume period because promotions are a great way to maintain steady sales volume.

There are several good reasons why cosmetic companies would want to have such promotions. The main purpose is because they would like you to test some of their other products. Freebies by cosmetic companies often consist beauty products from their own brand. You will most probably find these freebies in sample size bottles, which are smaller than the normal size bottles available for sale. These cosmetic company knows that their customers are probably very used to their products already. Therefore, by asking customers to try their other products may very well translate into more sales. It is a smart way to up sell.

Another good reason for these Estee Lauder giveaway promotions can also be to help boost brand recognition. All non cosmetic freebies like free purses included will most likely be labeled with their brand name. Every time you go out carrying these purses, you could be expressing indirectly to your friends, or perhaps also to people you don't know, that you are happy with their merchandise. This will create a perception that their merchandise should be really brilliant and effective. Otherwise, you would not be buying so many of their products, so much so that you were qualified for their freebies. Indirect recommendation to your friends to use a certain products is a sure win marketing strategy. The more your friends watch you use the purses or beauty products from Estee Lauder, the more you are indirectly indicating to your friends that you love Estee Lauder products and your friends may actually be curious. When they are curious, they will try the products out for themselves.

The bottom line is that gift with purchase promotions benefit both the cosmetic companies as well as their customers. To the customers, they feel happy when they feel appreciated for purchasing Estee Lauder. Besides, what could be more gratifying than to get fine quality gifts and getting your money well worth? Typical buyers, for the most part, refills their beauty closet quite often. When such need arises, they will buy all their refills at one go so that they can be entitled to these premium freebies.

04 Sep, 2011

Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/cosmetics-articles/why-estee-lauder-freebies-are-popular-5183924.html
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