Is Chemical Peeling At Home Safe?

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Chemical peeling at home is a relatively new idea. Only recently have the stronger peels been available for use by consumers. The products may still be unavailable in some countries.

If you are considering a deep peel, you should consult a professional. The peels can cause scarring even when professionally applied. The risks of scarring are multiplied when used by an amateur.

Some ingredients will cause burning in as little as 15 seconds. All peels contain some kind of acid.

Acid burns.
Some ingredients seem to numb the skin, which increases the risk of leaving it on too long. At least the burning sensation lets you know that you should get this solution off as soon as possible.

In the best of cases, it is not a pleasant sensation. Small amounts of mild fruit acids, such as those found in apple juice, can be used for cleansing and oil control. They are too mild to cause burning. But, they can still cause excessive dryness.

If the concentration is too low to cause burning, there will be little benefit to the skin's appearance. So, in truth, if it doesn't hurt, chemical peeling at home is a waste of money.

Permanent pigmentation changes, a condition called millia, skin atrophy and undesirable changes in texture are considered "complications" by dermatologists. Most of us would call them risks. Since the solutions available for home use are the same concentrations as those that would be used at a doctor's office, the complications that may occur are those a dermatologists would at least make you aware of.

Why are they popular? People want something fast acting. They believe the "burn" is a good thing. After using the products, they might like the way their skin looks, even though it typically takes several days for the burn to heal. The products are also heavily advertised, which makes consumers want them.

There are alternatives to chemical peeling at home. They are good alternatives for anyone that is willing to wait to see results and take the time to practice a good skincare routine.

 Cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing masks and other good skincare products can improve your appearance over time, if you just give them a chance.

Personally, I am not fond of pain. I prefer to use products that feel good. That's why chemical peeling at home is not for me. It might not be the right choice for you, either.


29 Sep, 2011

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