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Wanda Copenhaver, organizer of the Weight Loss Challenge, has lost a lot of weight herself. She used to be 10 sizes larger than she is now.

By Jessica J. Saggio | September 28, 2011

There's a challenge brewing in Oviedo and it involves one key question: What do you have to lose?

Starting on Oct. 3, Faith Outreach Church of Oviedo, in conjunction with Herbalife, will be hosting a seven-week Weight Loss Challenge for those looking for a little motivation to get in shape. Participants will compete on a "Biggest Loser" basis, and will be measured, weighed and evaluated each week, said Wanda Copenhaver, organizer of the event.

"It's going to teach people about nutrition, how to eat good and form good habits and how to choose their foods and how to prevent illness," said Copenhaver, who is also a Herbalife provider. "We'll be teaching people how to control their eating habits so it shows on the outside."

The seven-week competition will offer group support, personal coaches, free meal plans and education on proper health and fitness habits for long-term success.

The cost to participate is $35 per person, but all proceeds will go to reward the winners, said Copenhaver. There will be winners in three categories: most weight lost, most fat lost and most inches lost.

The group will meet every Sunday at the Faith Outreach Church of Oviedo in the gymnasium at 1 p.m. Both adults and children are welcome to participate.

While the event may promote Herbalife methods and products, participants are not required to buy or use them. Herbalife is a global nutrition company that distributes nutrition, weight-management and personal care products.

While many people across the country struggle with weight challenges, Copenhaver said she was no exception. The event strikes close to home as she was once 10 sizes larger than she is now.

Weighing in at around 190 pounds, Copenhaver struggled not only with her weight, but with even the smallest tasks in her life.

"I was obese. I was over 190-something pounds. I had all kinds of issues -- Fibromyalgia, eating issues, depression," Copenhaver said. "So I had all those issues people have out there and then I changed my life. It's [Herbalife is] a way of living. What it gave me I want to share it with other people."

Copenhaver is one of the four coaches who will be cheering participants on through the competition. Coaches will motivate and educate those trying to shed pounds based off of their own knowledge and experiences, said Rhonda Budhan, a coach for the event.

"Really we want to teach people to eat healthier and be healthier, and the program is not just about losing weight but being healthy," said Budhan, who has also struggled with her weight. "With that does come weight loss. Even with people that are thin and may not need to lose weight, it doesn't necessarily mean they're healthy, so the goal is to help them watch what they're eating and get a healthy outcome."

For those interested in participating, show up at the first meeting on Sunday. For more information and pre-registration, contact Copenhaver at 407-406-4738. Interested participants are welcome to join late, but it is not recommended.

Weight Loss Challenge is motivation to lose weight

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29 Sep, 2011

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