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Updated: Thu Sep. 29 2011 06:15:17

Albertans looking to lose weight will need to look elsewhere after L.A. Weight Loss has said they will be closing due to ongoing financial problems.

The company made the announcement in a letter to their clients dated Sept. 27.

It says that all L.A. Weight Loss centres will be closed in Alberta as of Wednesday, including all four locations in Calgary.

On Wednesday morning, customers found a locked door at the Glamorgan Plaza location and were left wondering what to do next.

Kerry Brackel says it's unfortunate that the franchise has to close in the province. "There are a lot of people that are irritated here. It was a pretty good program. It helped me and it helped some people in my family. I heard about it last night, so we came by to pick up some stuff, but that is not going to be happening."

Brackel says that he can't help but feel a little ripped off. "The company had to know this was happening because bankruptcy doesn't just happen overnight."

Some customers only joined a couple of weeks ago and they're stunned at the closure.

Jennifer Brookman says she loved the program when she first joined. "I chose the Fast Track program and I paid for everything up front. I thought they were legitimate, but now I'm feeling actually that they knew that they were closing. When I went in for my initial weigh in, they did not have any of the appropriate books, the nutritionist said they were ordering them."

Brookman says that the company has been acting in very poor faith towards its customers.

The L.A. Weight Loss North Dakota franchise has offered to provide the L.A. At Home service for Alberta clients.

In this service, staff will be available over the phone on a weekly basis and the product purchased in the regular program will be shipped directly to customers.

However, the franchise is not responsible for any product left owing, shipping costs, or outstanding bulks from the closing Alberta franchise.

Customers are also able to access the L.A. to Your Door online service at

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I was a client of LA years ago (It worked fantastically) but cost an obscene amount of money. Only less than 2 months ago I got a call from someone @ the location I attended (someone whom I have known and trusted since before LA) offering me a deal on weeks, sounded sincere on the phone...WELL am I ever glad I didn't fork over anymore money...Thank you for using your lackys to scroung up what ever last bit they could!!! Dirty trick LA...Good riddins!!!

Another company who has taken money, right up to it's "end," and then quickly shuts its doors, leaving those who have paid for product and services to be "serviced" by an American subsidiary, who will charge more for "shipping" etc.
The government should seize all assets of this dishonest "company" and sell those assets to recoup the money for those who have paid for product and services.
LA Weight Loss knew damned well, months ago that they would close, this is truly a company that has dealt in bad faith, with consumers.

Jennifer Nieckar
I was reading through the comments and noticed the hurful comments not even related to the closure. If you have nothing good to say, don't say anything at all. Especiall to ELLE...what was the point in writting such a negative comment towards the people that put their faith in a company that has had proven results. LA Weight Loss helps you eat right and stay on track with positive comments and support. It is unfortunate what is happening to this franchise, but, I saw a lot of results and a lot of happy people in my time as a member.

Jennifer Nieckar
I got a call yesterday and was told that the LA Weight Loss franchise I joined was going out of business. I was stunned...this program was not cheap. I went in and the employees were visible upset...I don't think they knew about it and one of the emplotees was soo worried that the customers would be mad at them. I signed up for the program that, after of year of keeping the weight off...I would get a percentage of my money back. Do I feel I got screwed..a bit. This program did help me loose weight and I will miss seeing the girls every week.

Anyone who paid by credit card in the last 90 days can get a refund from their credit card company

Former LA client
Once again we have people commenting on here that have NO CLUE what the heck they're talking about.

Not sure where you get your information from, but being overweight and having food issues are actual DISORDERS, just like bulimia and anorexia are.

Support is extremely important when you are losing weight. Sorry that some of us weren't born with amazing metabolisms... sometimes working out and eating healthy doesn't fix a damn thing for no reason - medical fact.

As for LA - scammers, everything was always upfront. I personally put $4k towards it, couldn't lose more than 20lbs in 15 weeks and it's non-refundable... they said it was because I wouldn't buy their products on top of the $4k I spent. This doesn't surprise me at all and I'm so sorry for everyone that's been scammed too. Weight watchers... is pretty awesome. I'm down 40lbs and doing great.

If you need a real weightloss program join a gym and talk to a nutritionist... these gimmicks these companies are doing are making millions off those who believe all they have to do is their secret formula...

I have always struggled with my weight. I have done every "diet" out there, go the the gym, walk, yoga, jogging and have done a 1/2 marathon. I've practically starved myself, living on 800 calories per day and still overweight,So I find it extremely arrogant,and uneducated when someone has the gull to say eat less and exercise more...REALLY?? thanks for your oh so smart insight!!!

weight watchers is good

Not everything works for every person. There are myriad of reasons that people become over a healthy weight and for having difficulty losing it. I am disgusted with the snotty comments here by people who know the one TRUE path to health for everyone in the universe and by those who are mean about people being overweight. I am now due to medications and chronic illness. I was svelte and fit before things beyond my control hit me. Many people need help and it is not because they are weak. For people who have low incomes it is virtually impossible to afford healthy food all the time. For people with low incomes, fitness clubs and yoga classes and so on are out of their reach. Weight Watchers works partly because people will go if they paid and because they get positive support from others. Insulting people does not help with anything be it grades in school, dressing appropriately to the occasion or losing weight.

It is such a shame that the Internet could be used to be helpful motivating and instead nasty people use it to hurt hundreds at a time.

That sucks but try scoobys workshop....its free and not full of BS, the dude just wants to help you and demands you keep your money.

Susan Fairbairn
It doesn't say much for a company like this when they allow their staff to continue taking money from potential costumers in a particular area, knowing that locations were going to close in that area. Hopefully another company will be willing to assist the LA Weight Loss customers in Alberta who have been affected by the location shutdowns.

eat less..move more...

Just buy the LA Weight Loss Diet plan on EBay! They have the entire plan there cheap, all colors and guides....and you can download them.

Jim from Calgary
Don't be so quick to blame LA Weight Loss for this one. All these franchises in Calgary were owned by Anne Marie Vaillancourt. Even if bankrupcy had been filed or LA Weight Loss had pulled the franchise license, there still would have been better support from the organization. The list of creditors will be lengthy as landlords, financial institions and clients alike will be looking for their cut.

As for North Dakota support, does anyone really think an out of country franchise would assume liability for Alberta's LA clients?? Highly unlikely. Different consumer laws and privacy protection (and what is happening to all the hardcopy personal client data these locations had anyway??)

A classic dine and pun intended!

wooo hoooo !!!! burgerking extra mayo and cheese and bacon!!!!! no excuses now

I wonder how many people are left only experiencing weight reduction in their wallets.

The program does work, it shows you how to adapt your eating habits and eat healthy. No diet foods, just healthy sensible diets with multivitamins. The guidance was very beneficial to me. Sucks they shut their doors, and the staff were not given notice.....

CC is right ... save your money. You don't need an organized diet center, just eat sensibly !!

I started dieting when I was 12 years old because of "family" pressures ... and ended up gaining over 150 lbs over the past 40 years.

So at the beginning of this year, I STOPPED DIETING and I have lost over 25 lbs so far. I eat three main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and have snacks 3-4 times each day. Each meal includes at least one protein, one carbohydrate and lots of veggies (cooked). Snacks are usually fruit, yogurt or more veggies (raw), occasionally a chocolate bar or cookie.

Remember, most of us ate like this when we were little kids ... and we had lots of energy every day !!!

All these weight loss programs are a joke and prey on vulnerable people. Eat less, exercise more and see what happens.

Cheryl Hughes
Try Simply for Life out. I made the change and 175 pounds lighter I will never look back again!

I heard that one woman paid $1,000 up front. Geez, how about SAVING money by not buying so much food and eating so much instead of paying someone to babysit you. It all comes down to personal will-power in the end. Use your own self-control.

I was working for LA Weight Loss for the past 14 months and saw a huge change in client numbhers since about March, I had a feeling something like this would be happeneing but I wasnt sure when! I just recently (3 weeks ago) left the company to move on for some other reasons. I was not treated fairly nor was I appreciated! In my opinion they were no longer about helping clients loose weight but more so to get as much money as they could instead. This was not my idea of a good weight loss center. The program does work I have sen if may many times in my 14 months employed with them, however, things changed quickly from August 2010 until the present date. I am not surprised they are closed but I do hope they refund all the clients for the services they are now not getting!!!!

Debbie - Calgary
How terrible for all those people who bought the full program and are left high and dry. There should be something in place to protect customers who pay for several years up front, and then a week later the company closes because of bankruptcy.

Save your money people, and try My Fitness Pal. It is free and works.

Just goes to show these so called weight loss programs are a joke!

29 Sep, 2011

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