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HCG-Diet-KitsAt HCG Diet Kits, the HCG Diet Coach Paul Johnson constantly hears the questions: Is this diet going to give me loose sagging skin?
As someone who has done the HCG diet himself, Paul Johnson can thoroughly relate to this concern. "Honestly, the way the HCG diet works prevents this from being an issue for most people," says Paul. "However, I've noticed people who've previously tried other diets do run into this problem ."

Fortunately, Paul has some recommendations that have worked well for people he's coached through the diet.

"The first, and most important thing," Paul says, "is drink lots of water. Staying hydrated is so important to the health of one's skin and is a big factor in maintaining the skin's natural elasticity." Since drinking at least two liters of water daily is already an important part of doing the HCG diet, healthier skin is a natural occurrence. It's very common for people on the HCG diet to notice their skin gets softer as they go through the diet.

Paul explains that the HCG diet, by its very nature, is conducive to better skin elasticity than most other diets. Although one loses weight at a much more rapid rate than on most diets, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, the founder of the original HCG diet, determined that the weight loss is coming from fat stores, not muscle. By maintaining muscle mass, one is much less likely to develop loose skin with weight loss.

Because it's best to use lotion with no oils in it during the HCG diet, it's important to be careful not to apply the wrong products to one's skin. Paul and some of his staff tried out different HCG approved lotions and found this one to be the best. Paul says, "Use the HCG Lotion as frequently as you like while on the diet. If you are someone who has had problems with loose skin after weight loss, you should use this lotion at least twice a day."

And one more recommendation for healthy skin on the HCG diet—exfoliate. "Just keep a loofah in your shower and scrub your skin two or three times a week," Paul says. This simple action exfoliates dead skin cells (thus allowing skin to rejuvenate) and increases circulation, both important factors in keeping skin in good shape.

Paul says "I remember one guy that did the HCG Diet that had tons of old acne scars on his back. After the diet, they were completely and totally gone. If that's a side effect of the HCG Diet, it's a good one."

29 Sep, 2011

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