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Along with Anna Kournikova's new job as a trainer on The Biggest Loser, she has also been offered a month's supply of CaféFit's popular Dieting Blend coffee to try for free.

CaféFit sent Kournikova, a 29-year-old tennis star who gained fame and celebrity in the tennis world, a letter explaining why their brand of coffee would benefit her and The viewers and contestants on The Biggest Loser.

"We know that you will do a great job teaching the contestants how to effectively diet, workout (sic), and lead healthier lives," they wrote. "We would like to help you by offering your contestants our clinically proven diet aid."

The coffee makers went on in the letter to explain how their coffee works and what ingredients it contains that could help her contestants on The Biggest Loser.

"CaféFit's popular Dieting Blend of fortified coffee contains the natural fat burning properties of coffee and enhances them with bitter orange, a known fat burner, and a proven natural citrus fruit extract called Garcinia Cambogia to promote appetite suppression," they explained. "There are no unpleasant side effects, unlike other diet aids. That means your trainees can expect no shakes or jitters, increased heart rate, or insomnia. We hope you consider using CaféFit Blend of coffee as an alternative to traditional coffee and as an aid in achieving your teams' weight loss goals."

CaféFit offered to send both Kournikova and her trainees a month's supply of the Deting Blend coffee and then to follow that up with a continued supply on a monthly basis if they were pleased with the taste and results. Among the other blends of their coffee they suggested were Pure Energy Blend, Focus Plus Blend, Immune Builder Blend and Organic Mushroom Blend.

Kournikova joined the popular weight loss show this season after previous trainer Jillian Michaels left. Michaels said she left the show because the average American could not benefit from her advice on The Biggest Loser because the contestants were losing large amounts of weight in short amounts of time, something the average viewer would not be doing. She has since joined the cast of the popular daytime show The Doctors, where she gives health and fitness advice alongside the doctors who are on the show. She has said in interviews she believes the advice she is giving on The Doctors is much more helpful to the average television viewer.

Kournikova said before starting the show she was looking forward to her new job.

"As a former professional tennis player and certified trainer, this is a wonderful opportunity for me to share my enthusiasm for staying fit across America's homes," she said in a statement.

CaféFit advertises its coffee to fitness buffs as having the same great taste as gourmet coffee but having the added benefit of being a health drink.

30 Sep, 2011

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