Friday Fact or Fiction: Can What I Eat Make Me Break Out? - American Health and Beauty (press release)

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VERDICT: FACT - What you put in your body hugely affects how your body functions as well as how it looks. While there aren't particular foods that are guaranteed to cause acne, eating a clean and balanced diet certainly helps maintain a good complexion.

The old adage of watching what you eat because it will affect your complexion has been under scrutiny for a long time. When we were younger, our mothers always told us to watch what we eat because it would show on our skin. Now as adults surrounded by beauty product marketing, we have to take a moment to ponder is our skin really being affected by our diet or can it all be fixed with a magic potion? In reality, what we eat has a huge effect on our bodies and often manifests on the largest organ in our bodies: our skin.

The question that often comes up regarding the relationship between diet and skin concerns acne and whether or not certain foods cause skin to break out. Dr. Neal Schultz, dermatologist and host of DermTV on YouTube does not believe that food affects skin. Fried foods, sodas, chocolate, pizza, caffeine - he states that none of these types of foods have anything to do with acne break outs. His conclusion is most people get acne due to hormones and heredity, not because of what they eat.

However,, also known as The Acne Resource Center Online, cautions against certain foods due to their effects on most complexions but acknowledges that food does not directly cause acne. So why do people break out after eating a particular type of food? For most people, this belief is just paranoia but in some instances, people do actually break out after eating certain foods.

The Acne Resource Center reports that chemicals released during the metabolism of certain food items directly influence factors causing acne. Some hormones in meat can also affect skin. Dr. Jeanette Graf has worked on studies of which natives of New Guinea and Paraguay who exist on diets rich in fiber and whole grains had less acne compared to Americans who have diets rich in high glycemic index foods. Dr. Graf also points out studies which have shown teenagers who had diets rich in milk and dairy products (perhaps due to hormonal by-products) have a higher incidence of acne than those who did not consume much dairy.

Though it may not prevent acne, high protein diets may be good for the quality of skin, hair, and nails. Essential fatty acids, such as fish oils, flax oils, and other healthy fats may add moisture to the skin. Consequently, the omission of these particular food items may cause chapped lips and dry skin. Antioxidant-rich foods such as berries and vegetables may prolong the healthy appearance of skin and fight skin cell damage. Drinking plenty of water purifies the entire body and although it doesn't clear acne, it may improve complexion. It is also necessary to observe your own reactions to certain foods because affirms that some breakouts may actually be caused by food allergies.

However, if you are still experiencing acne, you may need to seek professional acne treatment as it may not be a food or hormonal issue but something more serious.

There isn't a specific list of foods to watch out for but eating a clean, natural and balanced diet is beneficial for your weight, skin and entire body, inside and out.

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30 Sep, 2011

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