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Wow, you guys! Snooki looks totally great these days, and apparently her weight loss isn't the result of spending time in the gym or focusing on a healthy diet! While she did swap out her beloved Long Island Iced Teas for straight vodka a while back (all the better for quickly progressing from sobriety to So Shitfaced I'm Dry-Humping a Potted Plant), she effortlessly peeled off about 15 pounds thanks to the amazing energy-boosting fat-burning powers of Zantrex diet pills!

In a stunningly well-timed press release, Zantrex referred to Snooki's recent tweet that read, "Glad to hear reports that say I look good =) but it's not because of HCG! Thanks @Zantrex!" The company also mentioned an "exclusive" interview between Snooki and Star magazine in which the reality star credited diet pills for her remarkable physical transformation.

In other words, if Snooki's butt is smaller lately, it's because Zantrex is paying Snooki a ton of money to lie her ass off.

Obviously Snooki really is looking thinner, but it's not because of the mystical blend in Zantrex's Fat Burner pills. In fact, one of Zantrex's own distribution websites says, "The key active ingredient in Zantrex is caffeine, and lots of it." You could spend $28 for a bottle of these pills, or you could, you know, have some damn coffee—either way, you're not going to lose weight without doing what every single person has to do to lose weight: burn more calories than you consume.

I am super irritated by celebrities who hawk diet pills, because it's such a giant ripoff. At least if you buy their stupid perfume or clothing line or whatever, you actually get something in trade for your hard-earned money, but diet pills are nothing but bullshit in a gelcap. Take the Kardashians, for instance, who get paid trillions of dollars to endorse Quick Trim—and apparently keep a stack of press photos and sound bites on hand in order to promote the product through "interviews" about their "diet secrets."

What's even worse is when celebrities and pill companies team up to spread manufactured rumors that are intended to fool the public into believing they're in on some top secret info. Remember when Britney Spears was "caught" with her Zantrex bottle? And of course they did the exact same thing with Snooki.

Not only is everyone involved in shady marketing tactics—the celebrities, the tabloids, and the pill manufacturers themselves—but the pill companies pass on the cost of their enormous advertising budgets into the pills themselves. So a celebrity-endorsed pill will always cost way more than the exact same ingredients available in a non-celebrity-endorsed pill. They're not just selling false expectations, they're selling really expensive false expectations.

With so many products available for a celebrity to endorse, I can only assume the reason why a celebrity might choose a diet pill is because it's incredibly lucrative to do so. Because you can be damn sure it's not because they believe in it.

What do you think about Snooki and the Kardashians hawking diet pills? Do you think it's a shady practice, or no different than plugging any other item?

Image via Zantrex

01 Oct, 2011

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