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Weight loss surgery seems to be the only hope for extremely obese people in shedding weight and spend a normal life. Other forms of weight loss are not just impractical, but also waste of time and money.

Researches have shown that other forms of weight loss do not bring permanent loss of weight, and the weight lost by dieting or working out comes back to haunt the person within a year.

Meanwhile an Australian Professor Proietto has declared that weight loss in obese people only changed the energy expenditure and hunger-controlling hormones that encourage weight gain. He aired his views in an opinion piece in "The Medical Journal of Australia"

In the attention-grabbing topic, he wrote, "It is likely that it is these physiological adaptations that make it so difficult to maintain weight loss. Importantly … in those who are already obese, public health messages encouraging people to eat healthy food and exercise are unlikely to have a long-term impact on their weight."

Professor Proietto further said, "All the money is put into giving messages on television, but actually that doesn't work – you can't convince someone not to eat who's hungry. If a good tablet came along it would not make it on the PBS [Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme] because everybody says obesity is a lifestyle disorder only and all you have to do is change your habits. We don't need tablets to lose weight but we do need them to keep it off."

In a journal Proiette wrote, "We must help the long-suffering obese in their struggle to maintain a reduced weight. In the absence of safe, effective pharmacological agents that can be used long-term, bariatric surgery is the most successful intervention for sustained weight loss. Why is it not more often conducted in public hospitals?"

On the other hand, Obesity Policy Coalition senior policy adviser Jane Martin countered Professor Proiette and said, "It's time for the government to implement policies that tackle the key drivers of obesity, including protecting children from pervasive junk-food marketing, implementing traffic-light labeling on processed foods, and taxing unhealthy foods together with subsidising healthy foods for those on low incomes."


04 Sep, 2011

Source: http://news.google.com/news/url?sa=t&fd=R&usg=AFQjCNFekb3-BIIHkiAvgff5nh6NqakIww&url=http://nvonews.com/2011/09/03/weight-loss-surgery-the-only-hope-for-extremely-obese-people/
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