Want Beautiful Skin? - We Tell You How To Obtain It

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You may want beautiful skin, but do you know how to get it. The simple routine outlined here will help you have what you want.

Eat for Beauty
A beauty diet would consist of salmon, a variety of fruits and vegetables and green tea. Salmon provides unique omega-3 fatty acids known to improve the skin's firmness. Salmon, fruits, vegetables and green tea contain antioxidants known to be important for protecting against UV-related free radical damage. Much of the damage accompanying the aging process is caused by a lifetime of UV exposure.

Choose Skincare Products Carefully
Many so called "beauty aids" will actually do more harm than good. While cosmetic companies blame the high incidence of adverse reactions on personal sensitivities, there are some compounds that are simply not good for anyone's complexion. Petrolatum, mineral oil and artificial preservatives are among them. Try to find the most natural products and stick with them.

Gently Cleanse
Some people tend to overdo it when it comes to cleansing. They use buff puffs, exfoliating micro-beads and harsh ingredients like orange oil, because they think damage can be scrubbed away. Excessive cleansing actually causes more problems than it solves by contributing to inflammation.

If you want beautiful skin, you don't want inflammation. What initially looks like a glow will eventually become chronic redness and broken blood vessels. Beneath the skin's surface, this chronic inflammation is damaging the skin's elastic fibers, which will eventually lead to sagging.

You might try one of the new cleansers containing kiwi fruit extract. Although gentle, they are effective even for removing makeup.

Always Moisturize and Moisturize Some More
You cannot overdo it with the moisturizer, unless you are using a product that is not truly moisturizing. If you want beautiful skin, look for a daytime moisturizer containing grape seed oil.

 It works to lock moisture into the skin's layers and keep grime out of the pores. So, it provides multiple benefits.

After you remove your makeup at night, apply a moisturizer especially created for nighttime use. The better ones contain ingredients like Shea butter and avocado extract. Shea butter has anti-inflammatory activity, as well as antioxidant activity. It will work to repair free radical and inflammatory damage while you sleep.

Avocado extract has been shown to stimulate the production of new elastic fibers, which will help keep the firmness so important to people who want beautiful skin. There are other things you can do, but those four steps are the essential ones.


06 Sep, 2011

Source: http://gordonhall.articlesbase.com/skin-care-articles/want-beautiful-skin-we-tell-you-how-to-obtain-it-5191348.html
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