Try Mineral makeup to maintain natural beauty

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Makeup right from the beginning of the universe is an important part of a woman's life. You cannot even ask a woman to go to the market without makeup. It is a birthright of every woman to look beautiful. Applying makeup for this purpose is an old tradition. But more and more makeup makes you look dull as skin start losing its natural glow resulted in aging skin, fine lines, wrinkles. Mineral makeup is an option to overcome this problem. It came into existence during 1970s, since then it has become an essential for those applying makeup regularly. In mineral makeup products the ingredients used are harvested naturally from the earth rather than chemicals, alcohols, dyes and other preservatives.

The traditional makeup products often contains the preservatives, perfumes, oils and chemicals which can easily damage the skin, that's why mineral products of makeup are gaining more popularity in cosmetic industry. There are different type of mineral makeup products are there in the market so before you one for you give it a proper research, only then try it on your skin so that you need not to face any irritation or any other bad effect. First of all you should be aware about the ingredients of mineral product so that while buying any mineral cosmetic product you may consider them. The most common ingredients used in mineral products are Titanium dioxide which acts as a natural sunscreen and blocks the UV rays, Zinc oxide that inhabits skin inflammation, Mica provides a natural texture and glow to the skin, pure pigments which gives makeup a natural tone and color, Kaolin Clay that has good oil absorbing properties, Bismuth Oxychloride which contains bismuth and salt. Bismuth Oxychloride is used for face powders, foundations, lipsticks and mascara.

Applying Mineral Makeup just require a little attention. It is actually very easy. Just a few tips will help you do so. Sometimes the companies whose mineral products you buy, comes up with DVDs with your purchase which gives you the basic tips. First of all you need to prepare your skin for makeup by Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing which should be a regular beauty routine. Then a concealer one or two shade lighter than your foundation creates highlights. Then apply the correct foundation that smooth and gives a finishing touch to your skin, put a few shade of foundation on the side of your face (not on cheeks) and check it in natural light, if it looks invisible then it is the right color for your skin tone. Always blend everything with a brush and then lock your makeup with a loose powder.

Mineral makeup is actually very good for your skin. The regular use will even improve your skin. It helps in preventing premature wrinkles and aging. Along with that it is very easy to apply and remove mineral makeup. It is also very long lasting product as they are made up of natural ingredients and do not have synthetic chemicals or any ingredients from animals or animal by-products. So it is the best way to maintain natural and healthy beauty.

14 Sep, 2011

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