Three of The Most Commonly Used Types of Skin Lightening Whitening Treatments

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The desire of having a fairer and glowing complexion is not the demand of the present day only but this urge has been carried from centuries. In older times people followed herbal and homemade treatments for skin lightening but in today's world we can fine numerous treatments for treating any kind of skin problem. People have varied choices to make for their skin lightening treatments and variety of choices breed confusion also that what exactly will provide you the perfect solution. Spots or dark patches on skin snatches away self esteem and confidence from a person and they become more self conscious. This is the reason why people seem to be ready to go to any length to acquire lightening skin tone but wish to avoid getting their skin damaged also and having this treatment in a low and affordable price.

One of the most effective lightening treatments is the laser technique which ensures fast approaching results. It works by using laser, which removes the spot containing skin and brings forth a new skin to the surface. But the main flaw of this kind of treatment is that it is quite expensive and not affordable by majority of people. Another kind of treatment involves the application of particular creams or lotions that contain ingredients like kojic acid, lactic acid, glycolic acid, Vitamin B3, bearberry extract, lemon juice extract, mulberry extract or Alpha arbutin. Such products can help removing dark spots, patches, discolorations, age spots, sun marks acne marks, miasma and numerous other skin problems. Skin exfoliation once a week is highly favorable for removing dead cells. Alpha hydroxyl acid, AHA is normally used in creams for exfoliating process.

Another useful treatment for skin lightening involve natural products which is also hugely promoted these days due to its fewer chances of getting side effects and long lasting results. Citrus juices contain citric acid which is extremely effective for skin lightening, this product can be found in many lightening creams as well but naturally it is found in lemon juice or orange juice which helps in repairing skin tissues as well. Papaya has been found as a part of many skin lightening products because of its natural enzyme papain which if included in a treatment helps in reducing the production of melanin in skin and is found to be beneficial for anti aging also and at the same time it makes skin smoother and softer. Apple juice is also useful as it contains malice acid and consuming more apple juice controls the production of pigment. Apple cider vinegar can be applied on skin after mixing in dilute water as it helps in reducing the darkness of skin spots. All the above mentioned treatments ensure lightening of skin but it is totally your choice to go after any kind of skin lightening treatment keeping in mind its effectiveness for your skin and making sure that the ingredients involved will match your skin type.

07 Sep, 2011

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