Spa and its benefits

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The term Spa has always been associated with water treatment, known as the balneotherapy. From historical times people have been aware of the healing powers of the mineral water. Spas are gaining rapid popularity worldwide and day spas also provide personal care treatments.

The term is spa is derived from the name of the town Spa, Belgium. The Latin word "spargere" meant to sprinkle, moisten or to scatter. Medieval ages saw the curing of the iron deficiency by drinking water from chalybeate or iron bearing spring water. The 16th England saw the emergence of medicinal baths especially in towns like Bath. The first resort was built by William Slingsby in 1571 in Belgium around the chalybeate spring of Yorkshire. The enclosed well came to be known as the Harrogate and went on to become the first resort for drinking medicinal water.

Since pre-historic times people have travelled far and wide for cure for diseases. Archaeological excavations found offerings in the hot springs of France and Czech Republic dating back to the Bronze Age. Regional purification through water still continues today in all the religions, Hindu, Muslim, Christianity, Catholicism and Buddhism etc.

Through the ages, with the complexity of human life, these spas have also undergone huge changes. From just the place of chalybeate springs and healing properties of the water, the spas today houses golf courses and tennis courts and offer various forms of exercise like yoga, swimming, walking, even trekking to rejuvenate and come back to the daily struggles of life with a new zeal.

Spas can be divided into three types, the destination spa, resort spa and the health spa. At the resort spa you usually have the choice of choosing the spa packages and they are not usually included in the package. Health spas usually concentrate more on the healthy living and personal transformation.

Resort spa restaurants offer specialised cuisine depending on the treatment that you avail. Since spas are the new attractive thing, they are almost included in every hotel and resorts, and include deep exercise schedules so that you are relaxed and stress free and go back to life afresh. It is also perfect destination for young couples who want spend some quality relaxing time.

The resort spa sometimes offers packages that can be useful if you are conferences or get together. The ambience in any spa is relaxation and the aim is to return a satisfied and stress free customer. Using oils and speciality products, spas can involve massages and cleaning, scrubbing and sauna baths. It is a perfect place for seeking harmony with your body and mind.

Aldercall Hall is one such resort spa situated on five acres of Norfolk countryside. They provide accommodation options and are one of the best <a rel="nofollow" onclick="javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link/5188200']);" href="">spa resorts</a> in Norfolk. It is an ideal loction for wedding and conferences.

05 Sep, 2011

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