Solutions for a Run in Your Tights

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We have all been there. You spend half a day getting ready, fixing your hair and doing your makeup, then you go to put on your tights and snag! Your ring gets caught and now you have a big hole in your tights! Any woman can tell you, there is not worse feeling when getting ready for a big event than to have a run in your pantyhose. No need to stress, there are actually a few solutions for the all too common problem.

Nail Polish

Nail polish is one of the more commonly used solutions for a snagged pair of tights. Any color of nail polish will do, so you can choose to match it to your tights, but clear polish is best. Make sure, when applying the nail polish on the hole, get the polish all the way around the hole to prevent runs. If it is a snag you are dealing with, apply the polish all the way around the run. This will prevent the snag from getting bigger. You don't want the nail polish to get on your skin, so remove them before doing this or put a piece of napkin between the tights and yourself. Then allow it to dry, and you have a great fix because it won't wash off.


Another good, but not as well-known, fix for ripped tights is hairspray. As with the nail polish, it is best to apply the hairspray with the tights off your body, or with a napkin underneath the hole, between the tights and your skin. Otherwise, the hairspray will leave a stick film on your legs. Make sure to spray the entire area, to prevent the rip from growing larger. The hairspray works to stiffen the fibers of the tights temporarily, but it is not a permanent solution because it will wash off. So you have to be careful to keep moisture away from your legs for the night! But hairspray is good if you are in a hurry because it dries fast.

 Now you know, next time you find yourself in the harrowing situation of finding a hole in your tights at the last minute, turn to your vanity for some handy solutions.


25 Sep, 2011

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