Skin Clinic Perth Offers Path Breaking Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

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Skin Clinic Perth offers the latest hair removal technology that is making waves in the beauty and skincare market. Photo rejuvenation is a path-breaking skincare treatment that that effectively tackles a variety of skin problems such as sun damage, freckles, acne, broken capillaries and skin redness. It is believed to be the best option available today for skin treatment because the treatment can be customized to meet the individual skincare requirement of individuals.

Intense Pulse Light is safe and is highly effective in rejuvenating skin. Safe and filtered light break through the top layer of the skin known as the epidermis and reaches the underlying later called the dermis. The dead and effected cells are destroyed by the heat produced by the process. They are then absorbed through the lymphatic system or ejected by micro crusting by the body. Skin rejuvenation is also brought about by spurring the production of collagen, a naturally occurring skin protein, the presence of which is necessary to keep the skin healthy, young and smooth.
Skin Clinic Perth has expert skincare professionals who can offer the best treatment available for skin rejuvenation. There is the feeling of a flicker of heat brushing your skin but thankfully it lasts for a fraction of a second. A sunburn feeling is then experienced for a little time afterwards. The pulse light wavelength that is given out during the photo rejuvenation process can be regulated to take care of the varying degrees of sensitivity of the different parts of the body such as face, arms, legs, back and chest area. This ensures that the treatment is safe and does not damage the sensitive areas of the body.

There will be some redness on the skin after the treatment but that should not bother you because it is temporary. You can resume normal activities the very next day. Skin Clinic Perth makes sure that all your concerns are addressed in the best possible way. However, there are certain guidelines that must be followed to get optimum results.

The Intense Pulse Light treatment process can work more effectively if the treatment area is protected from ultraviolet light for one month before and after the treatment. You must not use artificial tan for three weeks before treatment and the area must also not be exfoliated after treatment for a couple of weeks.

Skin Clinic Perth offers the best skin rejuvenation treatment to make your skin look young and devoid of any blemishes.

03 Sep, 2011

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