Skin and Hair Care – Simple Tips and Tricks

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There is so much more to proper skin and hair care than routine facial cleansers and daily shampooing. The daily care regimen you implement can go a long way in making your face and your locks smooth and youthful. For starters, take a good multivitamin daily. You need one that has a healthy mixture of iron, biotin, zinc, selenium, and vitamin B6. Treat your body internally and your face and hair will show it. For skin care, be sure to use a daily moisturizer to keep your face from drying out and protect it with sunscreen. To keep your skin smelling as good as it feels, men can benefit from a nicely scented after shave splash or deodorant spray. Women have several deodorant stick and perfumed body lotion options to choose form. Chloe body lotion is always a favorite.

Never skimp on skin or hair care products. Many cheap shampoos and conditioners can contribute to hair loss because they over-dry or over-moisturize the scalp by leaving behind chemical deposits on hair follicles. You want a high-quality professional hair care product free from ingredients that can be damaging to hair. A gel-based shampoo like Bonacure can do wonders for hydrating dry or curly hair. For naturally curly hair prone to frizzing, skip shampoos altogether and opt for a conditioner wash with Bonacure Repair Rescue Conditioner instead. When using shampoo, rub the product in your hands before applying it to the scalp. Only use the fingertips to massage it in with circular motions. Doing this at the scalp helps stimulate hair growth.

If you are trying to grow your hair out, stay away from elastic hair ties. Only use fabric-covered hair bands that won't break strands, or opt for Elastic Fix Strong Hold hair spray by Schwarzkopf. Use a deep conditioner or moisturizing leave-in at least once a month, no matter your hair type. To take care of the scalp, Nairobi Recovery Scalp Treatment serum is perfect for both men and women. Try Kerastase's extensive line of anti-dandruff products if your scalp is prone to flaking and itching.

A great skin and hair care routine can work wonders for your overall look and health. Depending on your hair type, you may find shampooing once every two or three days is better than daily shampooing, although hair types prone to oiliness need a professional-quality daily shampoo. For the face, moisturize at least once a day and use a night cream to recharge the skin's moisture content while you sleep.  

03 Sep, 2011

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