Six Ways to Tighten Saggy Skin

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The skin on a person's face is seen by people that person interacts with. For some people, therefore, facial skin care is of particular importance, and they often use cosmetics to deal with the appearance of the face and condition of the skin, such as those for pore control and black head cleansing.

  1. Slowly: Lower the weight slowly and regularly, not more than 1.3 kg per week in order not to lose skin elasticity and get back into shape. dont try to go so fast as it would lead to weakening of your skin cells and they might be damaged due to lack of nutrients.
  2. Drink plenty of water: dry skin increasingly difficult for the skin to return to its original shape. Keep the skin moist by drinking lots of water according to the capacity of your body. Drinking lots of water not only keeps the skin hydrated but also help in the cleaning of body wastes.
  3. Exercise: Exercise that accompanies diet is mandatory. With exercise, skin regeneration can be trained faster and the skin to stretch and return to its original shape. Moreover, a balanced sports diet will quickly show good results. As you can see that the balanced diet is used here which means that you are allowed to eat everything but only in the necessary quantity.Eating more than that would lead to obesity which obviously is not required.
  4. Do massage to restore skin elasticity, perform massage on the skin every day routine. Use a moisturizer and essential oils to maintain skin moisture and can be re-elastic. Yoga Do yoga to improve your posture after the slim and also to tighten skin after losing a lot of weight. The most effective position to tighten the stomach is the Cobra pose or asana Bhujang. Lying on his stomach, then lift your upper body as high as possible.
  5. Kembang flared: While driving, watching television, and worked behind the desk you can train your abdominal muscles by pulling your stomach muscles in, hold it a few minutes, and take it off again. Do it repeatedly to train your abdominal muscles.
  6. Collagen Cream: Apply cream collagen  three times a day to speed the return of skin elasticity. Do not forget to rub gently so the cream is absorbed and trained for the elastic skin.

05 Sep, 2011

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