Simple steps to Apply Cologne for men

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Everyone understands that it is important to use a pleasant scent cologne or perfume. A spray after dressing, not only makes you feel good, but adds a finishing touch to any outfit.


Just follow these steps below:


  1. You will want to apply the cologne to the areas of your body that produce the most body heat. When applying the cologne behind the ears, wrists, chest, and neck, spray it onto your hands and then wipe it on area or spray directly onto the area.
  2. Spray on hands first.
  3. Rub hands together.
  4. Rub on neck.
  5. Rub behind the ears.
  6. Apply to chest.




1. When applying the cologne behind the ears, it's best done by spraying it onto your hands first and then wipe it behind your ears.


2. Keep the cologne away from your clothes.


3. Keep the cologne away from your clothes.


4. If possible, buy by the scent and not by the price.


5. Never put so much cologne on your body, so that it is offensive to others. People should notice you and not notice your cologne.


6. If your bottle of cologne doesn't have a spray top, put your finger over the top and turn the bottle. Then pat your finger on your chest.


7. Use moderation! The amount you use is very important so don't apply too much.


8. For best results, PAT cologne on desired parts of body, do not rub for the natural oils on your skin will cover the cologne/perfume and it wont last as long.


9. According to many "Gentleman" books, if a person can identify the cologne/perfume you are wearing, you are wearing too much.


Warnings about using cologne:


  1. Too much cologne can be offensive to others and can be even worse than not wearing any at all, so be sure to use with moderation.
  2. Use cologne or perfume sparingly. The scent should enhance you. Some colognes smell differently on different individuals.
  3. Remember that not everyone likes, or is able to be around, perfumes and   fragrances - use these sparingly, please.
  4. Try to avoid putting a lot on your face, as some colognes and perfumes can cause acne break outs.
  5. After a while, your body will get used to the smell and it won't seem as strong TO YOU. Many people make the mistake of putting on more cologne, but rest assured that others can still smell it.
  6. If your goal is to attract ladies go light and remember women biologically have a better sense of smell than men.

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10 Sep, 2011

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