Silk Therapy Biosilk Contains Essential Proteins That Make Your Hair Lustrous

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Your hair is made up of important layers; cuticle and cortex. Cuticle encases the cortex that determines the texture and color of your hair. Healthy hair is generally made up of 12% water and 88% protein. Any imbalance in the water and protein structure means unhealthy and unmanageable hair. Environmental pollution, contaminated water, exposure to sun, harsh chemicals, stressed lifestyle, food habits, improper maintenance can upset the protein-water ratio in the hair, leading to dull and lifeless hair. These problems may not be in your control, but biosilk silk therapy products can give you complete control over your hair. You can achieve the health and style that you want for your hair with these unique biosilk silk products.

Why Protein Is So Important For Your Hair:

Lack of protein in your hair will cause your hair to stretch making it thin and shapeless. Without enough protein, your hair is prone to drying up easily, making it brittle. Healthy hair is made up of 88% protein, implying the importance of protein in your hair. Protein makes your hair strong and elastic. It also helps the scales on the hair cuticle to slide properly making the hair shaft smooth. Therefore, it is very important to give your hair the right levels of proteins if you want healthy and beautiful hair. That is why most hair care products claim to offer protein benefits. However, these claims may not be true unless it is from a reputed brand like biosilk silk products.

Biosilk Therapy 12 oz:

Biosilk therapy 12 oz is a multi-purpose product which can be used for skin and hair. It is a leave-in hair treatment that will strengthen your hair while reconstructing and replenishing the protein and water balance in your hair. It is a very flexible product suitable for all hair types and can be used on both wet and dry hair. Biosilk therapy 12 oz contains byproducts of natural herbs, amino acids and vitamin B to make your hair silky and smooth while keeping your hair color intact for a long time. It is also one of the best silk therapy biosilk product designed to tackle frizzy hair.

03 Sep, 2011

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