Selecting the right nail polish color

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Coloring your nail with the right color adds to your beauty perfectly. However, when it comes to deciding the correct nail polish color, it is a very confusing and mind boggling task. This becomes more horrible with the fact that there are so many nail colors available today to choose from. There might be different shades of nail polish to suit you the best depending on the trends and the season among other things. Considering few simple nail tips will help you decide the right color for your nails.


The color you select should go well with the color of you skin. Different colors suit well different skin colors. Like for a fair complexion, berry reds, purple or bright pink may go well; while for a medium complexion, shades of silver and blue can go well. The color you choose should complement your skin color and help in boosting your personality. A method to determine what shades of nail polish will work with your skin tone is always to choose nail color determined by the colors that sleeker your lips. If you look solid in russet shades connected with lipstick, chances are this color will look great on your nails. Look through your lipstick inventory and check if colors that coordinate using your lip colors will meet your needs. Also, different occasions may demand you to wear different color on your nails. Make sure the occasion you are wearing the specific color is well suited to that color. Different colors may suit well different festive occasions and celebrations.


Selecting a color may also very well depend on the season you are wearing it in. You might prefer coloring your nails with lighter colors in summers and darker shades in the winter season. This is just going to complement your personality a lot. Also while selecting the nail polish, make sure that it is free from any toxins and harmful chemicals to pose any health issues to use. Also, determining the shade of the nail paint with the clothing you wear is a good idea. Take a note of the dominant clothing shades you wear and decide the nail color based on that. Taking care of these simple nail tips will help you get the best nail color for you.

05 Sep, 2011

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