Save Money from Barbershop and Pick up Hair Roller by Yourself

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I dare to say that most people don't know how to use the hair rollers these days. As a matter of fact, hair rollers have been popular electronics and there are kinds of hair rollers no matter on the stores online or the local market. Quite a lot of people purchase hair rollers in recently years, but still the majority is unfamiliar with them.

Isn't that going to the barbershop frequently cost too much money? Maybe some rich people like movie star don't care about this expense at all. But we ordinary people are unwilling to waste this not a small sum at all.

It is surely more troublesome to roll the hair by yourself then do it in the barbershop. But in order to save money, we are willing to do that. The most important is that, you can make any hairstyle you like at nay time. Even outstanding barber don't always understand what hair style exactly you like and always make a hair style that you don't really want at all which make you angry and sad. With hair rollers yourself, you can make any hair style like. If the result is not what you want, OK, no problem, just try one more time. And finally you will reach the result you like.

It is not difficult to roll the hair at all. Here, briliantstore would tell you in details you about the ways to style your hair and take your hair from flat to fabulous by using this little electronics gadget as following.

First of all, a proper hair roller should be chose. Different hair roller apply to different hair condition. If you are with thick hair, a velcro rollers will be suitable, if you are with damaged hair, aplastic rollers is needed, if you are with soft and fine hair, a heated rollers should be perfect.

Second, hold slick plastic rollers in certain place by using bobby pins. Choose a large roller if you prefer hairstyle features body without curl. Choose a small roller if you are going to create masses of curls. By the way, heated rollers come with U-shaped pins and Velcro rollers are self-adhering.

Third, sections of hair are going to be separated by comb. If you want to hair to emphasize body, just roll the l larger sections of hair for styles. Continue to separate hair into more sections for more curls. Twist each section of hair and then roll into the curler to create corkscrew-like curls. By the end, you grasp a section of hair and twist it until it tightens. Roll the twisted hair into the curler.

The fourth step, each section of hair is sprayed by a light misting of hair spray. This is for the lasting hold. If you applied gel or mousse to hair while it was damp, just skip this step and pass the hair dryer over the curled hair to set the style.
Now it comes to the last step. Just go to sleep without any worry with the curlers. When you wake up in the next morning and you can see the new hairstyles. One more thing to mention, remember to use a hair net to prevent the curlers from dragging on your pilloew.

Look at all of the steps above, no one is difficult at all. brillianstore believes that you can handle this easily if you just read all of the steps carefully and follow them. After you have a try, you will find that it is even much simple at the second time of trying. After several times of trying, you will accustomed with it and can't stop to change the hairstyle every several days.

10 Sep, 2011

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