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Liposuction has become one of the most popular and common cosmetic surgery procedures in U.S.A. There are a lot of technique and procedure invented by scientist since last decade and liposuction has undergone numerous changes over the years. Each technique has a various positive and negative effect. Here discuss some latest procedure of fat removal from the beneath of the skin with their numerous effect.


To removal excess fat from different parts of the body, there is a new technique on a variety of component of the system referred to as Custom Acoustic Liposuction procedures (CAL), which is also known as 'tickle lip' on the basis of the affected persons feeling throughout the surgical procedure. In tickle lipo procedure a thin tube like cannula is used that vibrates and rotates on its personal creation that passing high pressurized air through it to breakdown of the fatty tissue. There is a tickling feeling outcomes of this movement. As the cannula inserted the fat masses and suctioned out by the device.

After the approval of the 'food and drug administration', tickle lipo has become more popular for its benefits. Comparison with other liposuction procedure, trickle lip is much better and safer because only local anesthesia is needed for this operation thus making the recuperation period easier for the patient. Heat is not used in this procedure to melt down fatty tissue like other traditional liposuction method. It makes the process much safer because there is less probability to burning other tissues that are surrounded with the fatty tissues. As a result less bleeding and bruising happened. The color of the skin and appearance returns sooner. Patient can go back to their normal routine in a day or two days after.


Power assisted liposuction is another newest technique of liposuction procedure that is performed by using a special cannula which is tinny tube, produces vibrates to extract fat from the body. The vibration uses in gentler form which is go through the cannula because it's loosened the fatty tissue and carry out from the body. This specialized cannula helps to make a small incision and ultimate result is less recovery period compared with other traditional procedure.


The main advantages of the PAL procedure is that doctors do not need to as much force during the operation because the power vibrating cannula helps to melted down fat and suctioned out from the body easily. Pal procedure is perfect and suitable for some areas of the body which is very difficult to remove fat such as belly button, inner thighs area, and male breast.


These newest technologies of liposuction give best result and more satisfaction to the patients than the traditional ones.

14 Sep, 2011

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