Natural Healthcare Is Claimed To Be Harmless Always – Why?

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Human body itself is a product of Nature. Mankind for generations is exploring the mysteries of it, through extensive researches and yet it has not solved everything completely. Medical research is undertaken, whenever a disease or ailment affects human beings, first by researching into the root causes and then the remedies and cures for it, by various experiments. This is done by trial and error method, for centuries by innumerable scientists continuously, as we learn from the history.

Modern medical science is born out of education, aided by sophisticated scientific equipments and research labs. But if you analyze the basics, the present education is fundamentally based on the knowledge, imparted and recorded by the ancient scholars, in medicine and anatomy of human body. For most of us, it is an amazingly unbelievable fact that the forefathers of ancient medicines in Roman, German, Indian and Chinese civilizations had gone far ahead in their fields of wisdom, pertaining to human body, the ailments and diseases it could possibly catch up.
They did not have the most advanced facilities now we have, and yet surprisingly left on record their findings about cures for numerous diseases, for the benefit of later generations. As medicines, they had to inevitably rely upon only products of Nature, easily available for everyone. Besides, they went into the deep forests, in search of precious herbs and other substances like Bee Pollen, to be administered as medicines to the patients under their treatment.

There were not chemically formed tablets named "My Sin" – (Erythromycin, Terramycin, etc. as jocularly referred to by some), in those days but only Natural Health Products derived from Mother Nature. Interestingly, these modern medicines and tablets are manufactured at factories in tremendous volumes, as derivatives of substances available from Nature basically, and then adding chemical formulae to speed up the curing activity.

For example, in preparation of skin care products, Neem leaves (which are available in plenty in tropical countries like India) play a vital role, which is considered as a superlative anti-biotic, in resisting and eradicating bacteria and viruses. Natural Skin Care Products for skin diseases like Acne, contain such basic substances for sure-shot remedy.

Likewise, when the human body suffers deficiency in nutrients and vitamins from the regular food intakes, it encounters lot of problems, disorders and diseases like diabetes, obesity, blood pressure, coronary problems etc. To offset the deficiencies, there are many Natural Health Supplements, prescribed by physicians which are based on Natural Substances like Bee Pollen.

In the modern countries like UK, owing to personal experiences of success rates, Natural Health Products are getting popular nowadays. The predominant reason as to why natural healthcare is harmless is the products prescribed for cure are manufactured out of Natural substances, without chemical treatment and so there are no side-effects whatsoever, when consumed as remedies for diseases.

25 Sep, 2011

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